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Abbey Bike Tools BBQ Pedal Wrench
Price: $130.00
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Taking inspiration from barbeque gear isn't the standard method of designing bike tools, but Abbey Bike Tools isn't your standard manufacturer. Most of the company's tools started as one-offs, built on request, and the BBQ Pedal Wrench is definitely true to this philosophy. It's obviously...
Abbey Bike Tools Bottom Bracket Socket - Dual Sided BSA30 & Race Face
Price: $60.00
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Use Abbey Bike Tools' Dual-Sided BSA30 & Race Face Bottom Bracket Socket to mount your bottom bracket cups onto a traditional threaded bottom bracket shell. Compatible with Race Face, Rotor, Praxis, and Zipp on one side and FSA 386-EVO on the other, the socket uses a 3/8in square drive, and Abbey...
Abbey Bike Tools Bottom Bracket Socket - Dual Sided Dura Ace & Ultegra
Price: $55.00
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The Abbey Bike Tools Dual Sided Dura Ace & Ultegra Bottom Bracket Socket makes working on your bottom bracket a breeze. Made from precisely machined and hard anodized 7075 aluminum billets, this bottom bracket socket is compatible with Shimano DA-9000/XTRBB93 and Ultegra BBR60 bottom brackets....
Abbey Bike Tools Dual Sided Bottom Bracket Socket
Price: $55.00
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Precisely machined from 7075 billet aluminum and then hard anodized, Abbey Bike Tools' Dual Sided Bottom Bracket Socket works with Shimano's DA-9000/XTR-BB93 as well 6800 Ultegra. The long-lasting finish and exacting tolerances ensure cups aren't marred during installation or removal, preserving...
Abbey Bike Tools Dual Sided Crombie Tool
Price: $50.00
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Whether you're removing your cassette for a detailed cleaning or swapping cassettes for an upgraded drivetrain, the Abbey Bike tools Dual Sided Crombie Tool comes in handy for bike mechanics and DIY bike builders alike. Constructed of solid stainless steel for maximum longevity, the Dual Sided...
Abbey Bike Tools Hanger Alignment Gauge
Price: $185.00
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In its simplest form, a derailleur-alignment tool is often little more than a pry bar with an adjustable feeler. They're often crude, and can be frustrating to use considering the feeler's position is compromised every time it contacts the rim or is moved to clear frame stays. Abbey Bike Tools...
Abbey Bike Tools Modular Bearing Press
Price: $325.00
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While some manufacturers would have you scouring your basement for room to store three different tools to address all your head tube, hub, and bottom bracket pressing needs, Abbey Bike Tools saves you space and hassle by combining the functionality of all three in its Modular Bearing Press. With...
Abbey Bike Tools Single Sided Crombie Tool
Price: $40.00
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Simplify your drivetrain maintenance with the Abbey Bike Tools Single Sided Crombie Tool. The Single Sided Crombie Tool features a long stainless steel handle that gives you excellent leverage, and the deep teeth connect securely to soft alloy lock rings without causing damage. This makes...
Abbey Bike Tools SL Dual Sided Crombie Tool
Price: $55.00
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Abbey makes bike tools for serious mechanics and folks who really care about quality, and the SL Dual-Sided Crombie Tool puts your standard wrench-and-lockring combo to shame. The stainless-steel handle is thinner than the standard Crombie, saving 124g for the traveling mechanics without...
Abbey Bike Tools Stu Stick Rotor Truing Tool
Price: $22.00
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Originating from the world of cyclocross, where cumbersome tool kits can cause issues for traveling mechanics, the beautifully machined Abbey Bike Tools Stu Stick Rotor Truing Tool provides all of the functionality of its steel counterparts, at a significantly reduced weight. Rotor truing tools...
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