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Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Stand With Tote Bag
Price: $284.99
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Feedback Sports started as an offshoot of Ultimate Support Systems, the company known the world over for its speaker stands (big speakers, concert-sized). So it should probably come as no surprise that the three-legged design of the Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Stand is rock solid. What was a...
Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand
Retail Price: $99.99
Our Price: $89.99
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The Feedback Sports stand is unlike any truing stand on the market--that's obvious from the first glance. The unique one-armed design provides unprecedented access to your spokes and almost unlimited compatibility with today's wide mountain bike tires. It also works with any wheel size and...
Feedback Sports RAKK Integrated Bicycle Stand
Price: $42.99
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Feedback Sports' RAKK system is one of the favorites around the office. The ease of use, combined with their ability to hold a variety of wheel sizes, and the fact that you can link them together in a staggered fashion, make them a common living room fixture. The RAKK folds up for easy storage if...
Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit
Price: $129.99
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While you're usually tempted to hang up your bike and go sit on the couch with a pizza after a long ride, your bike doesn't maintain itself. For nagging noises that require attention before or after a ride, Feedback Sports presents its Ride Prep Tool Kit. This practical arrangement of tools give...
Feedback Sports Screwdriver Kit
Price: $16.99
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We know we're stating the obvious here, but there are a whole lot of screws and bolts on your bike. If you're building out your at-home maintenance setup in the garage, put the Feedback Sports Screwdriver Kit on your list. Your trusty multi-tool has come to the rescue plenty of times out on the...
Feedback Sports Spoke Wrench
Price: $5.99
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Wheel building and maintenance is a complicated art, and a spoke wrench is an integral part of it. Feedback Sports doesn't try to do anything complicated with its Spoke Wrench. The durable, CNC-machined tool comes with slightly rounded edges to give you a secure grip as you painstakingly adjust...
Feedback Sports Steel Core Tire Lever Set
Price: $9.99
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Feedback Sports enjoys adding more than one feature to its tools wherever it can to save you space, and its Steel Core Tire Lever Set is no exception. Not only a beefed-up version of the tool every cyclist has stashed somewhere, these tire levers are also slim enough to be used to pry disc brake...
Feedback Sports Summit Digital Scale
Price: $49.99
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The Feedback Sports Table Top Digital Gram Scale weighs things. Whether you're a road racer needing to confirm a dose of doped blood from Dr. Ferrari, a messenger needing to accurately divvy up the load for the day, or an honest-to-goodness gram-counting weight-weenie, this Feedback Sports...
Feedback Sports T Handle Kit
Price: $129.99
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Taking the next step in at-home maintenance can be as simple as buying the Feedback Sports T Handle Kit. Kidding. Simply buying this kit won't teach you how to use its contents, but these steel, T-shape torx and hex wrenches will make your job go smoothly once you know what you're doing. The...
Feedback Sports T-Handle Hex
Price: $12.99
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When you turn your attention to a bolt you can't remember touching since buying your bike, don't even think about reaching for your multi-tool. Sure, it's convenient out on the roads or trails, but when you have bigger jobs and more involved fixes, it pays to have a solid set of full-sized hex...
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