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Pedro's Tulio QR Multi-Tool
Price: $49.95
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Replace your 130mm or 135mm rear skewer with Pedro's eight-function, sub-60 gram Tulio QR Multi-Tool to ensure essential tools are always on board. The tool acts as a premium quick release (total weight including skewer is 100 grams), with an ergonomic, anodized 7075-T6 aluminum body containing...
Pedro's Universal Crank Remover w/Handle
Price: $24.95
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While the square taper and splined bottom bracket has taken a backseat to the press fit and outboard variety, those cranks still dominate price point and a few odd applications here and there. For that reason it's a good idea to keep a Pedro's Universal Crank Remover in the tool kit. Constructed...
Pedro's Vise Whip
Retail Price: $64.95
Our Price: $49.98
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Face it. Chain whips are a pain to use--that's why Pedros created the Vise Whip. Now you can remove cassettes quickly and easily without the juggling act. Clamp the Pedros Vice Whip on cogs from 11 to 23 teeth to hold it in place, then just use a cassette socket to unscrew the keeper. Wasn't that...
Pedro's Y Wrench
Price: $10.95
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The reason Pedro's Y Wrench is ubiquitous to every bike tech's bench and serious pedal-head's garage is that the shape provides great grip and twist-ability. Add to this the angle-friendly ball end, and the Y wrench effectively cuts minutes off the installation and removal of bolts. When leverage...
Portland Design Works 3wrencho Tire Lever/Wrench
Price: $22.00
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No, we're not talking about Yoshi Konno (RIP), but the Portland Design Works 3wrencho Tire Lever/Wrench is a solemn tribute to his master craftsmanship. The 3wrencho combines a 15mm box wrench with one of the best tire levers on the market. Impeccable design, tasteful representation, and a true...
PRO Adjustable Torque Wrench - 3-15 Nm
Price: $139.99
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We're all familiar with the dangers of over- or under-tightening bolts on things like stem clamps and seatpost and collars, not least of which being the dreaded crunch of carbon giving up structural integrity. PRO's Adjustable 3-15 Nm Torque Wrench lets you save your shiny new carbon bits by...
PRO Repair Stand
Retail Price: $189.99
Our Price: $134.89
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Flipping your bike upside down and working on it from your knees will let you get the job done, but being able to throw your ride in the PRO Repair Stand will make things about 1,000 times easier. This folding stand has a strong clamp that securely grasps the seatposts of even the heaviest...
PRO Shimano Bottom Bracket Cartridge Remover
Price: $21.99
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Older bikes tend to have different components than fandangled new rides, so you might need specialized tools to take them apart and get them back together again. PRO's Shimano Bottom Bracket Cartridge Remover is designed to easily disassemble square-taper bottom brackets, so you can replace or...
Race Face Cinch BSA BB Cup Tool
Price: $29.99
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The Race Face BSA BB Cup tool is designed to work flawlessly to remove or install BSA30 bottom bracket cups. A cut-out window works with a torque wrench to ensure that you are tightening the cups just right. The Race Face Cinch BSA BB Cup Tool is available in One size and One color.
Saris Cycle Racks Hottie Bike Storage Rack
Price: $259.99
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With Saris' Hottie Bike Storage Rack, it's like having a sculpture hold your bikes. The Hottie has a beautiful wood face design and occupies little floor space, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your living room or foyer. Most importantly, you can store up to two bikes on the freestanding rack,...
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