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Park Tool Team Issue Portable Repair Stand - PRS-25
Retail Price: $339.95
Our Price: $305.95
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Regardless of whether your cycling outfit is a full Euro complement of 29 or a weekend warrior's army of one, you can control the fate of your team by keeping your bikes together on Park Tool's Team Issue Portable Repair Stand. After all, you've already got a full complement of blue-handled tools...
Park Tool Threadless Fork Saw Guide - SG-6
Retail Price: $45.95
Our Price: $41.36
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Get rid of that unsightly spacer stack and chop a little off the steer tube with the Park Tool SG-6 Threadless Fork Saw Guide. The SG-6 helps you make a straight, even cut on your sub-1. 5-inch steer tube.
Park Tool Threadless Saw Guide for Carbon Composite Forks - SG-8
Retail Price: $45.95
Our Price: $41.36
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We're pretty sure that if you just decide to wing it and hack the steerer tube on that new carbon fork, you will live the rest of your life riding a crushing downward spiral of regret. The Park Tool SG-8 Threadless Saw Guide for Carbon Composite Forks accommodates carbon steerer tubes up to 1. 25...
Park Tool Thru Axle Adapters - For all Park Tool Truing Stands
Retail Price: $66.95
Our Price: $60.26
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Keeping up with industry standards can be a true P. I. T. A. and can often render old tools useless. Add the Park Tool Thru Axle Adapter--good for all Park Tool Truing Stands--and your trusty-ol' stand will now work with all the new axle standards.
Park Tool Tire & Tube Repair Kit - TR-1C
Retail Price: $6.49
Our Price: $5.84
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Remove stubborn tires and seal punctures with the Park Tool Tire & Tube Repair Kit - TR-1C.
Park Tool Tire Lever Set - TL-1
Retail Price: $3.29
Our Price: $2.96
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We have learned the hard way the things that do not substitute for a tire lever: Metal spoon, screwdriver, fingers, floor pump thumblock, prayer and much more. The humble tire lever, in this case the Park Tool TL-1 Set-of-3 Tire Levers, is something so simple yet so vital for happy &...
Park Tool Triple Spoke Wrench - SW-7.2
Retail Price: $9.49
Our Price: $8.54
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The Park Tool SW-7. 2 Triple Spoke Wrench combines the utility of three tools into one. It features the three most common spoke nipple sizes corresponding to the standard Park black, green, and red spoke wrenches. This combo is a boon to the home mechanic who likes to work on their own bikes, and...
Park Tool Truing Stand Tilting Base For TS-2
Retail Price: $35.95
Our Price: $32.36
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A perfect complement to TS-2 and 2. 2 Truing Stands, Park Tool's Tilting Base permits twenty degrees of adjustment and adds organizational bins. This assists with not only decreasing repair time, it enhances the wheel building experience by keeping nipples and tools organized. The plastic base's...
Park Tool Utility Knife - UK-1C
Retail Price: $15.95
Our Price: $14.36
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Keep the Park Tool UK-1C Utility Knife handy in the garage, tool box, or on your belt. The ergonomic aluminum handle provides a secure grip, and the quick-change blade system uses standard utility knife blades so you'll always have a sharp edge.
Park Tool Utility Pick Set
Price: $29.49
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Plenty of places on your frame could be considered "hard-to-reach", but some, more than others, present a serious challenge when you're trying to make adjustments. Park Tool's Utility Pick Set will make the occasions you need to do detail work significantly easier, with a set of three picks, each...
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