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Topeak PrepStand Max
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $104.95
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In nearly every maintenance situation, from tuning a derailleur to even applying lube to a chain, having the Topeak PrepStand Max handy is, well, handy. That's because of the little rubber-coated mechanical hook and cradle that simulate the grabbing action of a human hand -- that is, if a human...
Topeak PrepStand Pro With Weight Scale
Retail Price: $329.95
Our Price: $247.49
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Topeak developed its new PrepStand Pro with Weight Scale so that you never have to question that clapped-out, rusted old excuse for a work stand again. With its durable materials, transportable design, and accurate scale, it's a must for both professional and home mechanics alike. The PrepStand...
Topeak PrepStation Tool Tray with Lid
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $33.71
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Any bicycle maintenance is exponentially easier when parts and tools are organized. Topeak's PrepStation Tool Tray with Lid is a convenient holder for both tools and small parts. It features divided compartments to keep the hard-to-find set screws, retaining clips, and springs organized, and a...
Topeak Ratchet Rocket
Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.95
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You don't have to be a bike packer to appreciate a stem or H2O-bottle-boss-mountable hex set, tire levers, and chain tool in a compact, self-contained package -- with the bonus of a ratchet. Usually reserved for home or shop locations, this gives you the ability to use a ratchet on the road or...
Topeak Shuttle Tire Lever 1.1
Retail Price: $5.95
Our Price: $3.95
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Make tire changes a breeze with the help of the Shuttle Tire Lever 1. 1. Made from engineering grade plastic, this lightweight set of two snap-together levers is rigid and durable enough to handle years of use, and a smooth, ergonomic grip makes the levers easy to handle.
Unior Bottom Bracket Tapping Tool - BSA
Price: $269.99
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Bottom Bracket Tapping Tool - BSA
Unior Bracket Shell Facing Tool - BSA & ITAL
Price: $269.99
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Bracket Shell Facing Tool - BSA & ITAL
Unior Chain Checker
Price: $26.99
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Fresh chains shift better, but if you're not sure if yours still qualifies, the Unior Chain Checker is here to help. Built out of precision laser-cut steel, this little beauty reliably tells you whether your chain is fresh and ready to roll, or stretched and ready to destroy your expensive...
Unior Chain Rivet Pliers
Price: $53.99
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Chain Rivet Pliers
Unior Competitive Cyclist Custom Travel Tool Kit
Retail Price: $220.00
Our Price: $100.00
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Being able to work on your bike is a valuable skill. It saves time and money by reducing or eliminating bike shop maintenance trips, means you won't ever have a problem that keeps you off the bike for longer than it takes you to fix it (which anyone who's had a ride cancelled due to a simple...
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