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Saris Cycle Racks Boss Bike Stand
Price: $44.99
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Bikes are works of art, so treating your ride like a simple machine doesn't do it justice. When you ride in to the office or just park in the garage, propping your steed up with the Saris Cycle Boss Bike Rack shows it the respect it deserves and keeps things looking sleek and stylish. This...
Scorpion MTB Pro Stand
Price: $99.95
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Seatpost-clamp-style bike work stands work really well, but they're expensive and can be overkill. Scorpion's MTB Pro Stand, on the other hand, costs less than your race entry fee, is easy to transport, and is super simple to use. Just slide the arm into the hollow spindle of your mountain bike...
Scorpion MTB Stand
Price: $59.99
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Like most good ideas, the Scorpion MTB Stand is a relatively simple, straightforward tool that's sure to make your life a lot easier. This minimalist stand helps you perform simple repairs to your favorite mountain bike without taking up the space of a traditional bike stand. It attaches to the...
Scorpion Scorpion Tall MTB Pro Stand
Price: $99.95
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Portable, lightweight, and completely stable, the Scorpion Tall MTB Pro Stand allows for easy washing, light maintenance, and convenient storage of your bike. This stand works by connecting with your bike's crankset and allowing the rear tire to sit off the ground and spin unrestricted, which...
Shimano TL-CN42 Chain Wear Indicator
Price: $34.99
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You've been saying you last replaced your chain a few months ago for more than a few months now, and if pressed, you'd have to admit you don't actually know how old it is anymore. Rather than waiting until you're 30 miles into a Saturday 60-miler and your chain falls off mid-shift, you could...
Shimano TL-CT12 Bicycle Scissors Cable Cutter
Price: $62.10
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If you find yourself with a desire to spend an afternoon replacing your aging shift or brake cables at home, you're going to need Shimano's TL-CT12 Bicycle Scissors Cable Cutter to get started. Updated slightly from the previous version, the TL-CT12 boasts sharper blades and improved longevity...
Shimano TL-FC22 T-40 Hexalobular Chainring Bolt Backing Tool
Price: $26.99
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Constructed to be used during chainring removal, Shimano's TL-FC22 T-40 Hexalobular Chainring Bolt Backing Tool is the brand's professional-grade model of the tool. With a chromium and nickel plating, the TL-FC22 was designed to remain durable through extensive usage, and its comfortable handle...
Shimano TL-RD11 Rear End Alignment Tool
Price: $252.00
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Sometimes cassette chatter isn't the result of compressed housing or an out-of-tune derailleur. Shimano's TL-RD11 Rear End Alignment Tool lets any drivetrain doctor diagnose a bent derailleur hanger by screwing into it and measuring its relation to any point on the rear rim. Truing the hanger...
Shimano TL-SR23 11-6S Multi-Speed Sprocket Remover
Price: $55.80
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Whether you're building up a tool bench in anticipation of at-home maintenance-to-come or you need to swap a freehub body as soon as possible, Shimano's TL-SR23 11-6S Multi-Speed Sprocket Remover is a valuable tool to have on-hand if you're running an 11-speed drivetrain. The chrome-plated...
Silca HX1 Home and Travel Tool Drive Kit
Price: $125.00
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For the better part of the last century, Italian-born Silca has been obsessed with every detail of the bike tools it creates, and nowhere is its exceptional craftsmanship more apparent than in the HX1 Home and Travel Tool Drive Kit. Each of the eight hex keys is carefully constructed with S-2...
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