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Unior Competitive Cyclist Custom Travel Tool Kit
Retail Price: $220.00
Our Price: $100.00
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Being able to work on your bike is a valuable skill. It saves time and money by reducing or eliminating bike shop maintenance trips, means you won't ever have a problem that keeps you off the bike for longer than it takes you to fix it (which anyone who's had a ride cancelled due to a simple...
Unior Cone Wrench Set
Price: $11.38
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From the makers of tools that will last for generations, the Unior Cone Wrench Set is made from hardened and tempered steel that's been chrome-plated. Handles are non-rubberized. The set is two double-open-ended wrenches that come in a plastic pouch. Wrench heads include 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, and a...
Unior DT Swiss Torx Nipple Wrench
Price: $16.99
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Designed for the building and service of wheels that use DT Swiss Torx nipples, the Unior DT Swiss Torx Nipple Wrench is a TX20 bit, mated to a rubberized, butterfly-style wing handle for a comfortable grip and leverage.
Unior Flat Spoke Fixing Wrench
Price: $10.79
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Frozen spoke nipples are among the most aggravating bridges to cross when doing wheel maintenance. In the instance that yours happen to freeze while laced to aero-bladed spokes, you can reach for the Unior Flat Spoke Fixing Wrench, which fixes the spoke in place so it doesn't twist as you're...
Unior Fork Seal Installation Tool
Price: $13.99
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When pulling apart your suspension fork for service, it's always recommended that you install new seals when putting it all back together. Sliding the seals in straight, however, can be difficult without the right tool, and crooked seals can severely impair your fork's function. Do it right the...
Unior Head Set Cup Remover
Price: $29.90
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The Unior Headset Cup Remover allows you to easily remove your 1, 1-1/8, or 1-1/4in headset cup from your frame. The tool steel construction ensures that this traditional split wedge headset remover is durable, and it'll last for years of regular use with proper care.
Unior Mavic R-Sys Spoke Wrench
Price: $7.19
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Mavic is known for eschewing traditional standards in creating some of the best equipment on the road, and its wheel systems are a showcase of this. To true many of its wheels (notably, many R-Sys and Ksyrium models), for example, you'll need a dedicated spoke wrench such as the Unior Mavic Spoke...
Unior Metal Tire Levers
Price: $24.99
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When your flimsy lightweight levers won't cut it, the chrome-plated Unior Metal Tire Levers come into their own. Stronger than plastic tire levers, yet more compact than a traditional DH-styled tire lever, they're the perfect solution when faced with tight fitting tires and alloy rims. Please...
Unior Nipple Assembly Tool
Price: $16.19
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Anyone who's ever built bicycle wheels knows the aggravation associated with "dropping" a nipple inside a double-walled rim, initiating the need to rain-dance around the shop with your half-wheel, spokes flailing, hoping the nipple emerges. Prevent nip-slips and save time and hassle, too, with...
Unior Open Bottom Bracket Wrench
Price: $13.99
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Comfortable, durable, and ready to tackle a wide variety of bottom bracket standards, the Unior Open Bottom Bracket Wrench can handle almost any Shimano Hollowtech II, Campagnolo Ultra-Torque and Power Torque, Race Face, FSA, SRAM, Truvativ, and even some Chris King bottom brackets. To...
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