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Topeak PedalBar
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $33.71
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Pedals typically involve a 15mm wrench, or either a 6 or 8mm Allen. The problem with this is that most common options aren't designed for pedal removal, as they don't provide the needed leverage or clearance. Topeak's PedalBar is an innovative solution that uses a sculpted, ergonomic body with a...
Topeak PrepBox
Retail Price: $399.95
Our Price: $299.95
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Cycling requires specific tools, but unfortunately, the tool cases, bags, and boxes you find at hardware and automotive stores are designed for home/garage applications. That's where Topeak steps in with its PrepBox -- a well thought out case with cycling essentials like a torque wrench, bottom...
Topeak PrepStand Elite
Retail Price: $269.95
Our Price: $169.95
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Clamp your ride into the Topeak PrepStand Elite when your bike needs a little tender loving care. The 6061 T6 tubes provide strength and stability so you can work without your bike moving, and the Tripod design gives extra stability and folds down for travel. The built-in small parts compartment...
Topeak PrepStand Pro With Weight Scale
Retail Price: $329.95
Our Price: $247.49
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Topeak developed its new PrepStand Pro with Weight Scale so that you never have to question that clapped-out, rusted old excuse for a work stand again. With its durable materials, transportable design, and accurate scale, it's a must for both professional and home mechanics alike. The PrepStand...
Topeak PrepStation 2 Rolling Tool Station with 40 Tools
Retail Price: $899.95
Our Price: $674.95
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Take a walk past the bench of any seasoned bicycle mechanic, and you're likely to find a well-organized, labeled, and clean set of tools at his or her disposal. That's because the longer you wrench, the more you come to value your tools, and their organization becomes paramount to your...
Topeak PrepStation Tool Tray with Lid
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $33.71
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Any bicycle maintenance is exponentially easier when parts and tools are organized. Topeak's PrepStation Tool Tray with Lid is a convenient holder for both tools and small parts. It features divided compartments to keep the hard-to-find set screws, retaining clips, and springs organized, and a...
Topeak Ratchet Rocket
Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.95
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You don't have to be a bike packer to appreciate a stem or H2O-bottle-boss-mountable hex set, tire levers, and chain tool in a compact, self-contained package -- with the bonus of a ratchet. Usually reserved for home or shop locations, this gives you the ability to use a ratchet on the road or...
Topeak Shuttle Tire Lever 1.1
Retail Price: $5.95
Our Price: $3.95
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Make tire changes a breeze with the help of the Shuttle Tire Lever 1. 1. Made from engineering grade plastic, this lightweight set of two snap-together levers is rigid and durable enough to handle years of use, and a smooth, ergonomic grip makes the levers easy to handle.
Unior Chain Checker
Price: $26.99
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Fresh chains shift better, but if you're not sure if yours still qualifies, the Unior Chain Checker is here to help. Built out of precision laser-cut steel, this little beauty reliably tells you whether your chain is fresh and ready to roll, or stretched and ready to destroy your expensive...
Unior Cone Wrench Set
Price: $11.38
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From the makers of tools that will last for generations, the Unior Cone Wrench Set is made from hardened and tempered steel that's been chrome-plated. Handles are non-rubberized. The set is two double-open-ended wrenches that come in a plastic pouch. Wrench heads include 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, and a...
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