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Pedro's Tape Measure
Price: $10.95
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From measuring seat tubes to building a bookshelf for all your training DVDs, the Pedro's 3m Tape Measure will handle all your metric-measuring needs with classic Pedro's style. A full 3 meters (nearly 10 feet to the mountain tribe) covers just about everything short of laying carpet in a room...
Pedro's Tire Lever - 2 Pack
Price: $4.95
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The Pedros Tire Lever 2-Pack gives you plenty of leverage to change burly DH and freeride tires, so you don't have to worry about breaking a half-dozen plastic levers in the process. Have you ever thought, "What I need is a something with a lot more clout to get the job done?" Well, Pedros...
Pedro's Trixie Chrome
Price: $29.95
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The Trixie Chrome features eight functions designed for the urban cyclist. This includes a lockring tool and 15mm axle nut wrench, along with 8, 9, and 10mm box end wrenches. It also has both 4 and 5mm hexes to cover most fixed-gear or single-speed bike repairs. The Trixie Chrome attaches to...
Pedro's Universal Crank Remover w/Handle
Price: $24.95
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While the square taper and splined bottom bracket has taken a backseat to the press fit and outboard variety, those cranks still dominate price point and a few odd applications here and there. For that reason it's a good idea to keep a Pedro's Universal Crank Remover in the tool kit. Constructed...
Pedro's Y Wrench
Price: $10.95
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The reason Pedro's Y Wrench is ubiquitous to every bike tech's bench and serious pedal-head's garage is that the shape provides great grip and twist-ability. Add to this the angle-friendly ball end, and the Y wrench effectively cuts minutes off the installation and removal of bolts. When leverage...
Portland Design Works 3wrencho Tire Lever/Wrench
Price: $22.00
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No, we're not talking about Yoshi Konno (RIP), but the Portland Design Works 3wrencho Tire Lever/Wrench is a solemn tribute to his master craftsmanship. The 3wrencho combines a 15mm box wrench with one of the best tire levers on the market. Impeccable design, tasteful representation, and a true...
PRO Mini Tool S-Slide 20 Function
Price: $39.99
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A small setup like the PRO Mini Tool S-Slide 20 Function multitool probably isn't what you want to use in the shop, but it's perfect when you're on the trail or away from home. It has almost everything you need, from a hex keys to screwdrivers to Torx bits to tire levers to chain tools to spoke...
PRO Repair Stand
Retail Price: $189.99
Our Price: $133.99
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Flipping your bike upside down and working on it from your knees will let you get the job done, but being able to throw your ride in the PRO Repair Stand will make things about 1,000 times easier. This folding stand has a strong clamp that securely grasps the seatposts of even the heaviest...
PRO Shimano Bottom Bracket Cartridge Remover
Price: $21.99
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Older bikes tend to have different components than fandangled new rides, so you might need specialized tools to take them apart and get them back together again. PRO's Shimano Bottom Bracket Cartridge Remover is designed to easily disassemble square-taper bottom brackets, so you can replace or...
Race Face Cinch BSA BB Cup Tool
Price: $29.99
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The Race Face BSA BB Cup tool is designed to work flawlessly to remove or install BSA30 bottom bracket cups. A cut-out window works with a torque wrench to ensure that you are tightening the cups just right. The Race Face Cinch BSA BB Cup Tool is available in One size and One color.
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