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Ritchey Tool Torque Key
Price: $17.95
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The Ritchey 5nm Torque Key provides a quick and affordable way to ensure that the correct torque is applied to your Ritchey carbon bar and WCS stem combination. This wrench is preset to 5NM. Fortunately, though, there are a plethora of other bicycle components that require a torque spec of 5NM,...
Saris Cycle Racks Boss Bike Stand
Price: $44.99
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Looking to keep your bike or bikes indoors, but don't feel like bolting a rack into the wall or giving up space to a big bike stand? Or maybe you need a bike stand you can take on the go? Saris has what you need. The Saris Boss Bike Stand is a relatively discrete, lightweight, and foldable rack...
Saris Cycle Racks Hottie Bike Storage Rack
Price: $259.99
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Occupying little floor space when it's not holding up your bike or bikes, the Saris Hottie Bike Storage Rack looks not unlike a tall Art Deco piece in your living room or foyer, with its wood face and bold shapes, yet its form also brings function. The freestanding rack can hold up to two bikes,...
Saris Cycle Racks Show Off Bike Storage
Price: $274.99
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Most of us know someone who has a machine they either can't stop talking about or can't stop riding, or both. They're prime candidates for the Saris Show Off Bike Rack. Constructed of European beechwood and natural cork, the Show Off also houses an LED spotlight to cast some extra attention on...
Thule Universal Bike Stacker
Price: $149.95
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With the Thule Universal Bike Stacker, you'll be able to store two bicycles in your apartment or garage. The Bike Stacker is constructed with 1 x 2in steel to hold your burly downhill mountain bike and your super light roadie or to hold two burly downhill bikes . Soft, V-shaped rubber bike...
Timbuk2 Cash Advance Wallet
Retail Price: $34.95
Our Price: $19.99
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The perfect tool for the occasional mechanical or mental breakdown, the Timbuk2 Cash Advance Multi-Tool Wallet has all the tools you need to keep things running smoothly. The 15mm axle wrench is there to assist in the event of a flat tire, and the multiple hex wrenches and flathead screwdrivers...
Topeak Alien II Multi Tool
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $34.95
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Topeak's Alien tools have long been favored (and copied) for their ingenious and ergonomic pull-apart design and well thought-out tool assortments. The Alien II has 26 total tools, making it the most comprehensive multi-tool in the Alien line. Like all Aliens, the II splits in two for ease of use...
Topeak Alien III Multi Tool
Retail Price: $69.95
Our Price: $52.45
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Topeak's Alien Multi Tools have become a staple in many cyclists' hydration packs due to their low weight and numerous features. For the new Alien III Multi Tool this includes 25 tools in total, all wrapped in a sub-300-gram package. Like all Aliens, the III splits in two for ease of use, but...
Topeak Alien XS Multi Tool
Retail Price: $24.95
Our Price: $12.48
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The Alien XS Multi Tool is the most compact model in Topeak's iconic line of two-piece bodied Multi Tools. And with an engineering grade plastic body, the 16-function Alien XS tips the scales at a feathery 170g. This allows it to comfortably ride along in shorts, jerseys, and saddle bags or...
Topeak All Speeds Chain Tool
Retail Price: $34.95
Our Price: $24.95
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Over the past decade, we've been subject to what feels like an arms race in bicycle gearing. Having just taken over from eight cogs, the nine cog system yielded to ten cogs in the space of a few years, and tens were in turn replaced by 11-speed cassette, which, given that Shimano 105 is now...
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