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Lezyne V5 Multi-Tool
Price: $17.49
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We can read your mind. You want a tough multi-tool that's light enough to let you forget all about it until you need it. Lezyne also read your mind, and came through with the V-5 Multi-Tool. The V-5 uses ultra-durable nickel-plated chrome vanadium bits and a lightweight 7075 aluminum frame to...
Lezyne V7 Multi-Tool
Price: $19.99
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We think that many great things come in small packages, and the Lezyne V10 Multi-Tool is no exception. Its tiny stature packs four handy hex wrenches, two star wrenches, and a flat head screw driver into a minuscule 65-gram package that's not much larger than a lighter. Toss it in your pocket,...
OneUp Components EDC Gear Straps
Price: $15.00
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Carrying packs can be cumbersome, but riding without a spare tube is a dangerous endeavor. With the OneUp EDC Gear Straps you never have to find yourself unprepared and out of luck, even on pack-free days. These stretchy polyurethane straps secure around your frame and tube, or whatever it is you...
OneUp Components EDC Pump
Price: $55.00
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Nothing excites expletive-laden tirades more than a trailside flat where you're either left pumping (and pumping and pumping and pumping) with a toy-sized frame pump or you have to walk your bike back to the trailhead because you're unable to re-inflate a downed tubeless tire because you can't...
OneUp Components EDC Tap Kit
Retail Price: $30.00
Our Price: $28.99
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After gaining a glimpse of the ingenious steer tube storage of the EDC Tool System, you've convinced yourself that you're ready to ditch wearing a pack in favor of this slick tool kit. However, you'll need to pick up the EDC Tap Kit by OneUp Components before you install the EDC Tool System...
OneUp Components EDC Tool System
Retail Price: $59.00
Our Price: $58.99
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Forget wearing a pack on multi-hour weekend rides and hot laps around local trails when your bike's equipped with the ingenious EDC Tool System by OneUp Components. This innovative multi-tool nests inside your fork's steer tube, allowing you to bring everything required for trailside repairs...
OneUp Components EDC Top Cap
Price: $25.00
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It's rare that the entire Competitive office agrees about anything, but the OneUp Components EDC Top Cap has something to please all of us. For the Lycra-clad XC rocketship pilots, the claimed weight of 4. 2g gives it a legitimate shot at being the lightest top cap in production; for the enduro...
Park Tool 1-pin/3-pin Lockring Wrench
Retail Price: $15.95
Our Price: $15.15
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Engage lock rings for installation or removal with the Park Tool 1-pin/3-pin Lockring Wrench. This handy, compact tool features two sides, one with a single pin for single-notched lock rings, and the second with three pins for 3-notched lock rings with a maximum outside diameter of 46mm. It is...
Park Tool 106 Work Tray Accessory Collar
Retail Price: $13.49
Our Price: $12.82
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It seems like the big repair stands get to have all of the fun. They get the work trays, towel holders, and bells and whistles for all of the accessories. Fortunately, with the addition of the Park Tool 106 Work Tray Accessory Collar you can adapt your smaller PCS-9, PCS-1, PCS-4, PCS-4-1, or...
Park Tool 3-Way Hex Wrench
Retail Price: $10.95
Our Price: $10.40
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When making adjustments to your bike, the three most common hex sizes are 4, 5, and 6mm. Park Tool, being the savvy purveyor of bicycle repair equipment that it is, developed what's quite possibly the most iconic shop tool ever -- the 3-Way Hex Wrench. Known internally at Park Tool as the AWS-1,...
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