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Blackburn Airstik 2 Stage Pump
Price: $29.95
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We find ourselves in an internal debate between the Blackburn AirStik 2Stage and the AirStik SL -- faster pumping or smaller size. If you need it on your bike for a race, do you want to save 26g or have almost twice the air volume per stroke? We go back and forth, but the greater air volume does...
Blackburn Airstik SL Pump
Price: $24.94
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What ever happened to the pump peg? Whenever we look at mini-pumps, and the Blackburn AirStik SL is no different, we find ourselves longing for a way to mount a full-size frame pump under the top tube of our bike. They were so easy. Even the plastic Silca pumps were better than most of the...
Crank Brothers Gem Pump
Price: $21.95
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Stuff the Crank Brothers Gem Pump in your pack and you'll be the envy of flat tire enthusiasts everywhere. This high-volume dual piston pump can get you all the way to 130 PSI if you need it to, and it does it in a hurry. It also does it in stylish anodized color, or in classic silver, if that's...
Lezyne ABS Pen Gauge
Price: $21.99
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Typically, using your hand pump while out on the trail or on the side of the road to pump up the flat tire you just repaired means simply guessing how much pressure you've added, because hand pumps rarely have pressure gauges. Lezyne has stepped in with a predictably intelligent solution in the...
Lezyne Alloy Drive High Volume Pump
Retail Price: $45.00
Our Price: $35.99
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Life is filled with unexpected setbacks. Unfortunately, these happen all too often on the trail. That's why the Lezyne made the Alloy Drive Pump. Featuring the same shape and dimensions as the Carbon Drive 2, the Alloy Drive Pump gives you all of the performance at a fraction of the price. The...
Lezyne Micro Floor Drive High Volume Pump
Retail Price: $45.00
Our Price: $33.75
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For shop convenience gone mobile, you can't beat the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive Pump. The guys at Lazyne may not have succeeded in making it fun to get flat tires, but they did manage to take a lot of the pain out of the inevitable flat with this innovative portable high-volume pump.The Micro Floor...
Lezyne Pressure Drive CFH
Price: $65.00
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The Lezyne Pressure Drive CFH Pump accommodates a CO2 cartridge for quick trailside fixes, and for a backup, it's a traditional pump, too, for a fail-safe system. This brings assured reliability to an otherwise unpredictable sport. Both processes are as simple as removing the stow-away...
Portland Design Works Little Silver Pump
Price: $46.00
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Sometimes, big things come in small packages. We know how cliche that sounds, but in the case of the Portland Design Works Little Silver Pump, it's completely fitting. When it's not traveling in your pocket, the Little Silver is capable of high pressure inflation. And when you add in a gorgeous...
Serfas Mini Pump
Retail Price: $45.00
Our Price: $40.99
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If mountain biking is your discipline of choice, why carry around two pumps when the Serfas Mini Pump does it all? This handy 2-in-1 pump is built from durable alloy. It features a PSI gauge and can pump air up to 300PSI. In addition it is both presta and schraeder compatible. The high low switch...
Topeak Mountain MasterBlaster Mini-Pump
Retail Price: $22.95
Our Price: $18.95
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On-trail tube replacement slows down the inexperienced and the ill-equipped. But since you attached the Topeak Mountain MasterBlaster Mini-Pump to your frame, you've perfected the process. Don't take too much credit, though--the convenient fold-out T-handle and oversized aluminum barrel are the...
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