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Lezyne ABS Floor Pump Hose - STD
Price: $18.95
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The basic idea of a floor pump is pretty straightforward: a cylinder and a piston. Many manufacturers get this right, but few can match the reliability and innovation of Lezyne when it comes to hoses. If your hose or valve has failed -- or if you want to preempt that inevitable, ride-cancelling...
Lezyne Alloy Digital Drive Floor Pump
Price: $109.95
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Analog gauges are not just difficult to see, their accuracy can often be questionable. When it comes to tire pressure, a discrepancy of a few psi is not only going to affect ride characteristics and comfort, it can also be the difference between a podium finish and a finishers' medal. For that...
Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump
Price: $85.00
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There are two differences between the Alloy and CNC Dirt Floor Drive Pumps from Lezyne. The first is that the Alloy has a varnished wood handle. The second is the steel piston substituted for the CNC-machined one. The cost is a little extra weight, but the benefit is a lowered price. If you're a...
Lezyne Alloy Drive Floor Pump
Price: $80.00
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Steel tubes, artisan lugs, box-section rims, Merino wool jerseys. You know you love them, and when you ride, you're not dreaming of 50 millimeter carbon rims, you're imagining that you're the third wheel of the Bahamontes/Gaul rivalry. If you're the kind of cyclist who fetishizes the classic...
Lezyne Classic Dirt Drive Floor Pump
Price: $75.00
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Simple, easy, straightforward; classic. Lezyne's Classic Dirt Floor Drive Pump takes the features of the other high-volume pumps and pairs them up with an economical wood handle, and steel barrel and piston. Lezyne high-volume (aka mountain) pumps are different from their high-pressure (aka road)...
Lezyne CNC Digital Drive Pump
Price: $129.95
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Well, the day has arrived. Pumps are now high-tech cycling equipment. While we're quite certain that we could live without the large, easy-to-read, and accurate digital screen on Lezyne's CNC Digital Drive Pump, we have no idea why we'd want to. It certainly wouldn't be because of concerns over...
Lezyne CNC Floor Drive Floor Pump
Price: $99.95
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Floor pumps are one of those invisible pieces of cycling gear that most of us tend to take for granted, but that are integral to the sport. When was the last time you were chatting with a fellow cyclist on the road and, instead of asking what frame material or component group they prefer, you...
Lezyne CNC Travel Drive Floor Pump
Price: $100.00
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For years, we've seen gear bags that advertise a spot for a floor pump on the bottom of the bag. We've looked at the bag, then our heavy track pump, look back at the bag, and forget about tossing it in. But that's because we hadn't seen a pump like this. Lezyne's CNC Travel Floor Drive Pump is...
Lezyne Slip Chuck
Price: $9.95
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The Lezyne Slip Chuck's 90-degree bend makes it the valve head of choice for precariously positioned valve stems. Disc wheels, tri-spokes, and super-deep carbon rims -- you know the usual offenders in this category. The Slip Chuck is 100% CNC-machined aluminum and features a two-piece design to...
Lezyne Speed Chuck
Price: $4.00
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The Speed Chuck is a great add-on to Lezyne floor pumps. It screws onto the Flip-Chuck head at a right angle to make it easy to fit in a disc wheel's valve cavity. It uses washers so you can just press on the chuck without fiddling with screwing on threads. And because it's added beyond the...
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