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Lezyne Speed Chuck
Price: $4.00
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The Speed Chuck is a great add-on to Lezyne floor pumps. It screws onto the Flip-Chuck head at a right angle to make it easy to fit in a disc wheel's valve cavity. It uses washers so you can just press on the chuck without fiddling with screwing on threads. And because it's added beyond the...
Lezyne Sport Drive Floor Pump
Price: $49.99
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Deep in the heart of Germany, a pump was created. It was said to be the One Pump to rule them all, the One Pump to find them, the One Pump to bring them all and in inflation bind them. The chosen one spoken of from on high is the Lezyne Sport Drive Floor Pump. With precision quality and durable...
Lezyne Steel Digital Drive DV Floor Pump
Retail Price: $89.95
Our Price: $66.99
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The Lezyne Steel Digital Drive DV Floor Pump adds a precise digital pressure gauge to Lezyne's exquisite floor pump. It's built to last, and handles high pressures, making it perfect for both your mountain and road bikes. And the striking aesthetics make it a compelling conversation starter, so...
Lezyne Steel Digital Drive Floor Pump
Price: $89.95
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Like the Alloy Digital Drive, this Steel Floor Pump from Lezyne features the same highly accurate gauge in a less expensive chassis. Unlike digital, analog gauges can be difficult to see, and their accuracy can be questionable. When it comes to tire pressure, a discrepancy of a few psi can affect...
Lezyne Steel Drive Floor Pump
Price: $60.00
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Why would you want a plastic floor pump from the same company that made your bike? When we're in the market for pumps, we go straight to the source for innovative inflation design -- Lezyne. The Lezyne Steel Drive Floor Pump is the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality in...
Lezyne Steel Travel Floor Pump
Price: $60.00
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Steel is real. You don't often hear that when describing pumps, but there is something timeless and rock-solid about a steel pump shaft. The Lezyne Steel Travel Floor Drive Pump features a steel barrel and piston, topped by a solid varnished wood handle, and an aluminum base. It's designed to fit...
Pedro's Super Prestige Floor Pump
Retail Price: $71.95
Our Price: $51.99
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For those who use thier tools day in and day out, Pedro's Super Prestige is a simple, stable, and durable floor pump. The alloy barrel stands up to the knocks and dings of a busy mechanic, and its ergonomic, soft-grip handle feels great every time you grab it. The long stroke, narrow barrel...
Pedro's Super Prestige Floor Pump
Price: $64.95
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Pedro's knows that pro bike mechanics are tough on their tools. That's why there's the Pedro's Super Prestige Bike Pump: simple, stable, and durable. This road / mountain bike pump's aluminum barrel stands up to the knocks and dings of the shop, and the sleek wooden handle feels comfortable in...
Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump
Price: $45.00
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Instead of asking your teammates every Saturday to borrow a pump, come prepared with the Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump. With an ergonomic handle, easy-to-read gauge, and pump head that fits Presta and Schrader valves, this Serfas pump makes getting your rig road-ready a cinch. And, if you've put your...
Silca Aluminum Disc Chuck
Price: $30.00
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If you've spent any time at the velodrome, or at the start of a time trial, you've most likely heard the term "crack-pipe" at one point or another, which usually gets an odd look from the uninitiated. And, while there could be a "doping" reference in there somewhere, what the riders are referring...
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