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Rotor 3D Plus Power
Price: $2349.95
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We have to hand it to Rotor. While gaining a good chunk of recognition through its Q-Ring design, Rotor continues to develop some of the best componentry across the board through its extensive testing with the world's best cycling teams. This type of rider feedback is integral to the designs of...
SRAM Red 22 Quarq Powermeter - BB30
Price: $2045.00
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SRAM and Quarq have once again put their best technologies forward to create the new Red 22 Quarq Powermeter - BB30 cransket. The original 2012 joining of the masterminds resulted in the Red crankset seamlessly pairing with Quarq's top-end powermeter, which is why both revered manufacturers once...
SRAM Red 22 Quarq Powermeter - GXP
Price: $1995.00
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With the second generation Red GXP crankset having seamlessly paired with Quarq's top-end powermeter system in 2012, SRAM decided to once again combine Quarq's accurate power technology with its new Red 22 GXP Crankset. The result is a precise blend of accurate power data and the most advanced...
SRM Campagnolo Powermeter
Price: $3995.00
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The Campagnolo Powermeter is the brainchild from a marriage between SRM engineers and the Campagnolo Design Team. The result is SRM's most powerful and precise powermeter in existence, and remains as the only Campagnolo powermeter for a reason--perfection. Displaying a true dedication to this...
SRM Dura-Ace 9000 Wireless Powermeter
Retail Price: $3145.00
Our Price: $2358.00
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Earlier this season, we saw Shimano-sponsored riders building up their machines with mostly complete Dura-Ace Di2 9000 drivetrains, save for something slightly askew around their bottom bracket junctions. Instead of completing their builds with Shimano's latest Dura-Ace FC-9000 11-Speed Cranksets...
SRM FSA K-Force Light Wireless Powermeter
Price: $2845.00
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It's hard to speak of carbon innovation in cycling without mentioning FSA, and as a leading developer of carbon components, it was only natural that someday FSA would cross paths with the titan of power, SRM, to meet the demands for a K-Force Light powermeter. Well, both parties met, shared...
SRM Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 Wireless Powermeter
Retail Price: $3045.00
Our Price: $2436.00
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By now, you should be familiar with the name, the Manx Missile. Charting the trajectory of his career through a couple of teams, and dozens of stage wins, one component has remained a fixture of his many bicycles--the Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 Wireless Powermeter. Mixing Dura-Ace 7800 crankarms,...
SRM SRM PowerMeter Rotor 3D+
Price: $3695.00
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While Rotor burst onto the cycling scene through the effectiveness of its Q-Rings, the developers still recognized that there are those of us who prefer to stick with standard chainrings. This is why the Rotor 3D+ Road Crankset is also fully-compatible with round chainrings. Now, your options...
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