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Lezyne HR Flow Sensor
Price: $44.99
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If you've got one of Lezyne's comically feature-laden GPS units (which, if you don't, you should probably ditch the overpriced video game console on your bar mount and pick one up), then you're probably in the market for a heart rate monitor. Keep it all kosher with Lezyne's own HR Flow Sensor, a...
Lezyne Macro GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer
Price: $179.99
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Lezyne's Macro GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer builds on the functionality of the Macro GPS unit by adding a heart rate sensor and cadence/speed sensor to the mix to complete the package of necessary ride data. The head unit itself essentially puts the stellar utility of the Mini GPS onto a larger,...
Lezyne Micro Color GPS HR Loaded Bike Computer
Price: $199.99
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After a decade in the GPS business, it's safe to say that Lezyne has learned a bit about what features work and what features are just included for flash. The Micro Color GPS HR Loaded Bike Computer demonstrates this understanding by combining a function-first GPS handlebar unit with a heart rate...
Lezyne Micro Color GPS HR Loaded Watch
Price: $209.99
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Though we're loathe to admit it, we aren't always gentle with our gear. We also don't always baby it the way that premium cycling kit necessarily warrants. That's why Lezyne's beat-the-hell-out-of-it design ethos makes the brand a popular favorite in the Competitive office. The Micro Color GPS HR...
Lezyne Micro Color GPS Watch
Price: $169.99
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Lezyne celebrated the tenth anniversary of its GPS debut by releasing one of the most effective, economical lines of GPS computers we've ever mounted on our handlebars. Across the line, the internals were completely redesigned, but the Micro Color GPS Watch takes the design one step further by...
Lezyne Micro Color HRSC Loaded Bike Computer
Price: $239.99
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By pairing its latest Micro Color GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer, Lezyne simplifies the cycling numbers game to one step: just add power. The package includes a Heart Rate Flow Monitor and a Cadence Speed Flow Sensor, both of which sync to the Micro via Bluetooth to send biometrics and ride data...
Lezyne Micro GPS HR Loaded Watch
Price: $179.99
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Like you, our lives in the outdoors extend beyond the saddle. Camping, hiking--whatever, we spend almost as much time on foot in the mountains of Northern Utah as we do on our bikes. Almost. Lezyne's Micro GPS HR Loaded Watch equips us for that lifestyle with a wrist-based GPS unit and an...
Lezyne Micro GPS Watch
Price: $139.99
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With outdoor tech becoming ever more specialized, Lezyne's Micro GPS Watch is a welcome piece of versatility. It was developed primarily for use as a cycling GPS computer, but--by mounting it to a wrist strap--Lezyne frees the Micro GPS Watch from the handlebar, so it can accompany you on bicycle...
Lezyne Mini GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer
Price: $179.99
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The new Lezyne Mini GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer may look similar to its predecessor, but adds a massive range of functionality that's otherwise unheard of in computers at its price point. The most notable change is the advent of Bluetooth compatibility, which was previously only employed by its...
Lezyne Power GPS Bike Computer
Price: $169.95
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Lezyne's bottle cages, tools, and pumps have a solid reputation for striking design and functional details, and its recent foray into cockpit accessories lives up to those high expectations. This year, the company waded into the electronics and data tracking pond with a new line of affordable GPS...
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