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K-Edge Combo Mount for Garmin & GoPro
Price: $54.99
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Action cameras and cycling computers don't come cheap, yet the first thing we do when we get them is put them right out front on our bike, unprotected. If you're going to be taking your Garmin Edge 510, 500, or 200 out with your GoPro-style camera, mount both of them securely onto your handlebars...
K-Edge Handlebar Mount for Pioneer
Price: $74.99
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Mount your Pioneer head unit cleanly to your 31. 8mm carbon or aluminum handlebars with the K-Edge Handlebar Mount so you can keep track of your left and right side data as you ride. Constructed with durable, rigid aluminum, it reliably secures your computer using K-Edge's double locking system,...
K-Edge TT Mount for Pioneer
Price: $74.99
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If you train with a power meter, keeping track of your power output during a tri or time trial is crucial. Thankfully, you can still mount your Pioneer power meter head unit onto your aerobars with K-Edge's TT Mount for Pioneer. Made of rigid, durable aluminum, it locks the computer in place...
Lezyne GPS O-Ring Set
Price: $3.95
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Freshen up a wobbly GPS mount with the Lezyne GPS O-Ring Set, which contains four o-rings (two large, two small) to fix up your setup and keep your GPS solidly affixed to your bars.
Lezyne Mini GPS Bike Computer
Price: $139.95
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In a sport that fetishizes low weight and minimalist profiles, Lezyne's Mini GPS Bike Computer has one feature that immediately gives it a wheel-length's advantage over the competition. According to Lezyne, it's the smallest GPS unit you can mount on handlebars. At a claimed 30g and with a...
Lezyne Power GPS Bike Computer
Price: $169.95
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Lezyne's bottle cages, tools, and pumps have a solid reputation for striking design and functional details, and its recent foray into cockpit accessories lives up to those high expectations. This year, the company waded into the electronics and data tracking pond with a new line of affordable GPS...
Lezyne Super GPS Bike Computer
Price: $199.95
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Lezyne has long been known for its attention to detail and aesthetics in the accessories realm of bottle cages, tools, pumps, and even bicycle lights. This year, the company took a big leap with a new line of affordable GPS cycling computers that bring the functionality of GPS computers out of...
Magellan Cyclo 315 HC GPS Cycling Computer Bundle
Price: $429.99
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Short of dropping around an additional $1,000 for an ANT+ power meter, the Cyclo 315 HC GPS Cycling Computer Bundle equips Magellan's most popular GPS head unit with every training metric an aspiring racer could ask for. The included heart rate monitor and speed and cadence sensor transmit...
Magellan Cyclo 505 HC GPS Cycling Computer Bundle
Price: $499.99
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The Magellan Cyclo 505 HC GPS Cycling Computer Bundle is like a super nerdy friend that spends oodles of time researching maps and route options, always knows a good new route to ride, and can find the way home if the group gets lost along the way. This little computer packs a big punch in the...
Magellan Cyclo Bike Computer Silicone Cover
Price: $9.99
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Stand out in the sea of monochromatic head units with a Magellan Cyclo Bike Computer Silicone Cover. Offered in a variety of colors, this lightweight cover installs in a flash to provide a pop of flair on every ride and protect your head unit from any bumps and scratches along the way. Hit the...
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