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Suunto Core Aluminum Altimeter Watch
Price: $400.00
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From high-altitude climbing expeditions to epic desert treks, count on the Suunto Core Aluminum Altimeter Watch to provide the information you need to navigate unforgiving landscapes. Whether you're recording gains in elevation, using the compass to follow a specific bearing, or reading the...
Suunto Core Brushed Steel Altimeter Watch
Price: $500.00
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From the top of Everest to snorkeling in the Caribbean, the Suunto Core Brushed Steel Altimeter Watch need never leave your wrist. Its altimeter works in elevations as high as 29,500 feet and as low as -1,600 feet, and its log records your movement up the mountain so you know how long you climbed...
Suunto Core Crush Altimeter Watch
Price: $350.00
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Whether you're measuring total elevation gain, navigating wild landscapes by compass, or using various barometer functions to forecast the weather, the Sunnto Core Crush Altimeter Watch is the only device you'll need. A depth meter records how deep you had to dive for that Caribbean conch shell,...
Suunto Elementum Terra Altimeter Watch
Price: $900.00
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Whether you're tracking your ski vert, trying to figure out what the clouds are up to, timing the miles of your marathon-training run, or choosing which way to head up the hiking trail, you can chart your course with the top-of-the-line Suunto Elementum Terra Altimeter Watch. Of course, this...
Suunto Elementum Terra Replacement Strap - Leather
Price: $99.00
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Add some class to your super-advanced Suunto Elementum watch with the leather Terra Replacement Strap.
Suunto Quest Strap Kit
Price: $19.95
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Tired of your old, beat-up strap, or simply want to customize and enhance the look of your Suunto Quest watch? Pick up the Suunto Quest Strap Kit for a high-quality strap replacement to your Quest watch. A wide variety of colors provides an ideal look, and the included strap and attachment pins...
Timex Ironman Move x20 Full Size Watch
Price: $129.95
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Anybody can set fitness goals, but sticking to them is the hard part. Having something there to hold you accountable certainly helps, and the Timex Ironman Move x20 Full Size Watch is more than obliged to keep you hitting your goals on a daily basis. Featuring Timex's all day activity monitor...
TomTom BT Cadence/Speed Sensor
Price: $59.99
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BT Cadence/Speed Sensor
TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch + Cycle
Price: $299.99
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Ideal for avid bike racers and serious pedal pushers, the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch + Cycle includes a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor and Bluetooth Cadence/Speed Sensors. The heart rate monitor is for use when running and biking; it isn't waterproof and cannot be used when swimming. The...
TomTom Runner GPS Watch
Price: $149.99
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Train for your next ultra marathon or simply formulate realistic exercise goals with the TomTom Runner GPS Watch. Running is more exciting and engaging when you can set tangible goals, so this watch features QuickGPSFix Technology that precisely locates and tracks your every stride in conjunction...
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