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Magellan Cyclo Out Front Mount
Price: $29.99
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Magellan created the Cyclo Out Front Mount for those of us who pine for the pre-GPS days of clean, uncluttered stems or are just plain tired of awkwardly craning our necks to stare at a stem-mounted computer. The Out Front Mount features a streamlined design that artfully cradles your Magellan...
Magellan Cyclo Speed/Cadence Sensor Kit
Price: $69.99
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If you've been enjoying the GPS navigation and quirky, surprising features of Magellan's Cyclo series head units, but are ready to take your metrics to a level above the purely recreational, then the Cyclo Speed/Cadence Sensor Kit will add a new dimension to your rides. It's ANT+ compatible and...
Magellan HR Monitor for Cyclo ANT+
Price: $64.99
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On their own, Magellan's Cyclo 315 and 505 head units' GPS mapping, route planning, and mid-ride guidance enhance a cyclist's experience by displaying the most minute details of the surrounding geography in an easily accessible location in the cockpit. For the cyclist who's ready to also map a...
Pioneer SGX-CA500 Cycle Computer Standard Bar Mount
Price: $29.99
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Pioneer's new SGX-CA500 Computer Bar Mount is taking the world of cyclocomputers by storm. It's a great piece of tech that's as tough as it is smart, but sometimes, accidents happen. This original Pioneer replacement bracket is made of high-quality plastic and mounts to 31. 8mm handlebars with a...
Pioneer SGY-BR500T Cycle Computer TT/Triathlon Bar Mount
Price: $39.99
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The Pioneer SGY-BR500T Cycle Computer TT/Triathlon Bar Mount is designed to be clamped onto one of your parallel time trial/triathlon bike handlebar extensions. It attaches easily so your Pioneer SGX-CA500 computer can do the same.
Profile Design Universal Computer Mount
Price: $9.95
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With Profile Design's Universal Computer Mount, there's no need to leave your computer or GPS off your bike just because you put your aerobars on. The mount easily attaches to the extensions to put your computer in an ideal viewing position when you're on your bars, and it comes in two sizes --...
Sigma BC16.12 STS Cadence Wireless Bike Computer
Retail Price: $99.99
Our Price: $74.99
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Few, if any, $100 upgrades can improve your cycling performance like a computer. Real, numeric data pushes you physically and psychologically much more than a new piece of carbon fiber or a lightweight titanium gizmo. The Sigma BC16. 12 STS Cadence provides all the data you need to push your...
Sigma RC MOVE Watch with HR
Price: $159.99
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Sigma's RC Move Watch with HR is designed to be the all-purpose heart rate monitoring tool for cross-training athletes. While the free Sigma Move app gives it the ability to measure speed and distance, the unit itself is pre-equipped to sync with the included R1 Blue Comfortex+ heart rate monitor...
Sigma ROX 10.0 Basic GPS Computer
Price: $179.99
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Sigma's ROX 10. 0 Basic GPS Computer is anything but, packing more advanced metric measurement, route mapping, and trip planning features than we would have thought possible even a few years ago. With the addition of GPS functionality, the ROX 10. 0 not only tells you were you've been, but it can...
Sigma ROX 10.0 GPS Set Computer
Price: $269.99
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Sigma's ROX 10. 0 Set GPS Computer incorporates the same advanced metric measurement, route mapping, and trip planning features as the Basic model, but with the added measuring power of speed and cadence meters and a heartrate monitor, giving you all the accessories you need for training purposes...
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