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Nuun Single Tube - 12 Electrolyte Tablets
Price: $6.50
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Add flavor and electrolytes to your H2O with the NUUN Single Tube. Twelve electrolyte tablets provide light, refreshing taste when you need to hydrate and replenish after a long run or trail ride. Each tablet makes one 16-ounce drinkEasy to use tablet dissolves fastTablets contain no...
Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration
Price: $19.95
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To fully comprehend the power of Osmo Active Hydration, we need to dispel the haze surrounding the current hydration ideology. Essentially, you'll find that most sports hydration mixes feature a high carbohydrate level, with the prevailing intention of having you drink your calories during...
Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration for Women
Price: $19.95
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Women are not small men. This is the statement that is behind the Osmo Nutrition's women's formulas. Dr. Stacy Sims, the scientist behind Osmo, isn't referring to their potential as athletes. Dr. Sims is referring to, specifically, a woman's physiology. She developed Osmo Active Hydration for...
Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration for Women 24 Count Box
Price: $39.95
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Dr. Stacy Sims, the scientist behind Osmo Nutrition has a phrase that every woman should listen to and take to heart. "Women are not small men." Now, to allay any fears that this means women will never train as hard or be as fast as men, she isn't referring to their potential as athletes. Dr....
Osmo Nutrition Active HydrationSingles
Price: $34.99
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At this point, you've probably heard the hype surrounding Osmo Nutrition, and perhaps you've even rolled your eyes at the prospect of yet another sports hydration mix. However, if you've done the latter, you're about to learn why the Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration Singles are a revolution to...
Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery
Price: $29.99
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We're sorry to break it to you, but almost all of us are guilty of improperly recovering from our rides and exercise. Yes, even those of us who have been consuming recovery formulas have been doing it wrong. However, it wasn't until the advent of Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery that we even had the...
Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery for Women
Price: $34.95
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As athletes, regardless of our sex, we've been given a standard "optimal" window during which a recovery drink should be ingested. However, Dr. Stacy Sims' extensive research into the effects of female hormones on athletic performance and recovery has revealed a different set of rules for women...
Powerbar Gel - Box 24 Packets
Price: $32.95
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Powerbar's Gel isn't just another form ofenergy. Along with carbohydrates, it offers electrolytes for enhanced resistance to dehydration during rigorous exercise or competition in extreme conditions. Available here as a Box of 24 Packets, you'll have plenty of fastacting, easy-to-digest, and...
Powerbar Harvest Bars - Box 15 Bars
Price: $29.95
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The PowerBar Harvest Bars taste better than the dry, cardboard substance you've gagged yourself with the last three training rides. In fact, the Powerbar Harvest Bars are so good that you may become addicted to them. It's true, although you could feasibly survive off the Harvest Bars alone (and...
Powerbar Performance Bars - 12 Pack
Price: $18.95
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During the nineties energy bars gained quick acceptance over homemade and grocery-store alternatives due to their pack-ability, nutritional value, and long shelf life. In a word, convenient. At the forefront of that energy-bar movement was Powerbar and its line of Performance Bars. While most of...
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