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Blackburn Flea 2.0 USB Light - Rear
Price: $29.95
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The Blackburn Flea 2. 0 USB LED Bike Light makes you visible to the caring and not alike, and may just save your hide while your save some gas and the environment. With a 12-hour runtime (in flash mode), you'll have plenty of time between recharges, and the 'gas tank' battery life indicator lets...
Fi'zi:k Blin:k Tail Light
Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $14.95
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Props to Fizik for curing one of cycling's perpetual annoyances. There's nothing worse than going for an early morning spin and having your thighs brush again and again and again against the tail light you've affixed to your seatpost. You've gotta ride with a tail light -- we feel safer riding...
Lezyne Femto Drive Rear Light
Retail Price: $14.95
Our Price: $9.95
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A perfect match for the Lezyne Femto Front Light, the Femto Rear Light looks just like its sibling but sports a red lens and puts out 7 lumens instead of 15. The Femto Drive Rear Light's durable CNC-machined aluminum body is weather-resistant, dissipates heat to protect the batteries, and won't...
Lezyne Hecto Drive Rear Light
Price: $34.99
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If you ride at night, you know that being visible to traffic is paramount. Sure, you use a bright headlight, but that won't help being seen from behind. Add the Lezyne Hecto Drive Rear Light to your stash so that you'll be lit from all directions. Three long-lasting LEDs are encased in a...
Lezyne Micro Drive Rear Light
Price: $49.95
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If automotive, daytime running lights (DRL) were just a gimmick, they wouldn't have lasted a decade. In fact DRLs are a federal requirement because they've been proven to reduce accidents. So, with that being said, we weren't surprised to see that Lezyne's Micro Drive Rear Light features a...
Lezyne Zecto Drive Rear Light
Price: $34.95
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Most of the time in the winter you're commuting in the dark. If your commute includes riding your bike, you want to be as visible as possible to traffic from more than one direction. Lezyne's Zecto Drive Rear light provides 180 degrees of visibility in variable modes.Like its counterpart, the...
Light & Motion Vis 180 Micro Light
Price: $44.99
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Vis 180 isn't just a clever name, it's the truth. The Light & Motion Vis 180 Micro Light provides a full 180 degrees of visibility in traffic with a large light bar in the back and a flashing light on each side, so drivers will be able to see you. The Vis 180 is extremely easy to install. No...
Light & Motion Vis 360 Light
Price: $99.99
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Light and Motion polled regular commuters, both online and on the streets, in addition to dealers and sales reps to determine what would constitute a real world change to substantially improve commuter-specific bike lights. Most agreed; what we need is greater visibility. Their Vis 360 system...
Light & Motion Vis 360 Plus Light
Price: $179.99
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You know the drill -- before leaving your apartment ever morning, you dress, pack your tools and a spare change of clothes, don gloves and helmet, and duck out the front door, bike under arm. It's only until you're beyond the point of turning around when you realize you've forgotten your rear...
NiteRider CherryBomb .5 Watt Tail Light
Price: $24.95
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For an evening commuter or late-night rider, being seen from the rear is perhaps more important than being visible from the front. Use the CherryBomb . 5 Watt Tail Light from NiteRider to help alert motorist that you're out on the road too. NiteRider incorporates a multi-directional collimator to...
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