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Lezyne Micro Drive Front Light
Price: $49.99
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The Lezyne Micro Drive Front Light will slide in nicely between the other items mounted on your handlebars to give you 150 lumens looking forward, and 180 degrees of visibility. The most obvious difference between the Micro Drive and other lights is the CNC-machined aluminum body. In the event...
Lezyne Micro Drive XL Strip Drive Light Pair
Price: $67.99
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Lezyne designed its Micro Drive XL Strip Drive Light Pair to simplify the process of getting your bike ready for everything from sunset commutes to dawn-lit training miles. The headlight and tail light attach to your handlebars and seatpost, respectively, and illuminate the road in front of you...
Lezyne Power Drive XL Headlight
Price: $99.99
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Lezyne's XL line looks good, performs well, and packs features that you can't find anywhere else. The Power Drive XL blasts a whopping 600 lumens from its machined aluminum housing and is designed to be visible form a full 180 degrees.,p>The Power Drive XL's tough aluminum body does more than...
Lezyne Strip Drive Front Light
Price: $34.99
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You're not one to head out on your bike when the sky is completely dark, but fall's shorter daylight hours mean that you still feel a little invisible on tree-lined streets as you pedal home from a ride in that hour before sunset. Mount Lezyne's Strip Drive Front Light to your handlebars for some...
Lezyne Strip Drive Light Pair
Price: $67.99
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Be bright in the dark with the Lezyne Strip Drive Light Pair. Featuring a compact design that quickly and unobtrusively attaches to your bike, these lights are bright beacons to announce your presence and help you arrive at your destination safely. The front light provides up to 120 lumens of...
Lezyne Super Drive 1200 XXL Loaded Light Kit
Price: $149.99
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Heading out before the sunrise for a ride is often the only way to get your base miles in before work, so make sure you're prepared for the quiet, dark hours ahead with a light that's up for illuminating the contours of the road in front of you. Lezyne's Super Drive 1200 XXL Loaded Light Kit...
Lezyne Universal Helmet Mount Y9
Price: $9.99
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Clear space on your handlebars by mounting any compatible Lezyne light to your helmet with the Universal Helmet Mount Y9. The durable, mold-injected composite mount adapts the KTV Pro, Power XL, Macro XL, Hecto XL, and Micro XL to securely stay on your helmet. The Y9 attaches to the helmet using...
Lezyne Zecto Drive Front Light
Price: $34.95
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Not every evening or nighttime ride requires hundreds upon hundreds of lumens to light the way. If your commute is a well-lit route, what's more important is that you are seen by motorists. The Lezyne Zecto Drive Front Light is a compact safety light designed for ease of use and maximum...
Lezyne Zecto Drive Light Pair
Price: $67.99
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Lezyne decided not to include a deafening siren with the Zecto Drive Light, and that was a good decision. No one wants to be mistaken for a fire truck, and the three LED bulbs in each light are bright enough that there's no need for an audible alert, because everyone will see you coming before...
Lezyne Zecto Drive Pro Light
Price: $49.95
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If you're a minimalist and want one light that does it all, the Lezyne Zecto Pro is capable of functioning as a front or rear light to keep you visible from all angles when and where you need it. Lezyne is recognized for its attention to detail, even in the smallest accessory. To this end, it...
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