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Light & Motion Trail 1000 FC
Price: $149.99
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Whether you're a casual commuter or hoping to hit up some post-sunset XC laps, the Light and Motion Trail 1000 FC is an ideal light for illuminating your path, and keeping you visible. With 1000 lumens in High, the Trail 1000 is the Urban 850's big brother, with similar design over all, but a...
Light & Motion Urban 1000 Fast Charge Front Light
Price: $139.99
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While we'd prefer to do all of our cycling in 70-degree weather under fair, well-lit skies, life often insists otherwise. This is especially true when commuting--be it to work in the pre-dawn blue or home after dark from a late night of karaoke. Since it's as bright as most car headlights, Light...
Light & Motion Urban 350 Light
Price: $49.99
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Light & Motion offers some incredibly bright Urban lighting systems, cranking out up to 800 lumens for spotlight-like visibility, yet the Light & Motion Urban 350 Headlight is hardly the dim bulb in the family. Figure that the average clip-on light on the streets emits fewer than 100 lumens, and...
Light & Motion Urban 350 Plus Vis Micro Combo Light Kit
Price: $99.99
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Brakes are extremely important, so are helmets, but for riding through the city streets at night, nothing is more important than being seen. Cars, buses, dump trucks, and prostitutes can plow right into a cyclist if they can't see him. That's why setting your bike up with a high-end lighting...
Light & Motion Urban 500 Plus BarFly SLi Mount Light Combo
Price: $89.99
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If you're looking for a do-anything headlight that can handle everything from fall commutes to the occasional evening road or MTB ride, mount the Light & Motion Urban 500 Plus BarFly Sli Mount Light Combo onto your frame. This adaptable headlight comes with a powerful enough beam to keep you...
Light & Motion Urban 650 Headlight
Price: $99.99
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There are cycling lights used to see at night, and there are lights used to be seen at night. When you want both, it's hard to beat the Light & Motion Urban 650 Headlight. Using a flexible and durable mounting system, the Urban 650 can be placed on your handlebar or helmet, and it pops off easily...
Light & Motion Urban 650 Plus Vis Micro Combo Light Kit
Price: $129.99
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When you're stepping out on a Saturday night and biking around town, it pays to have the quality illumination of the Light & Motion Urban 650 Plus Vis Micro Combo Light Kit. 650 brightly shining lumens in the front let you clearly see where you're going, and 25 lumens in the back make sure that...
Light & Motion Urban 700 Light
Price: $79.99
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Urban commuting requires a light system that's easy-to-use and easy to see with. And since the Light and Motion Urban 700 Light is engineered specifically for the demands of commuters, that's exactly what you'll get. And in addition to putting out more light than any previous Urban series light,...
Light & Motion Urban 800 FC Plus BarFly Sli Mount Light Combo
Price: $169.99
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Your bike commute is easily the best part of your day, as long as your gear is working properly. If the short days of winter have been wearing your old headlight down too quickly, upgrade to the Light & Motion Urban 800 FC Plus BarFly Sli Mount Light Combo. With rapid charging capabilities, this...
Light & Motion Urban 800 Headlight
Price: $119.99
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Get through your evening commute safe and sound with the Light & Motion Urban 800 Headlight. With 800 evenly dispersed lumens of light, the Urban 800 gives you a great field of sight and serves as a bright beacon to let vehicles know you're on the road. Sidebars on the housing light up with an...
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