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Lezyne Macro Drive Duo
Price: $84.99
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If your training takes you out past sunset or before sunrise, or you think you may not make it back from your commute until after dark, then attach Lezyne's Macro Drive Duo to your helmet to ensure that you're visible to other road users from the front and from behind. Rather than requiring you...
Lezyne Macro Drive Headlight
Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.99
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The second largest of the company's beautiful and technically excellent LED Sport lights, the Lezyne Macro Drive Headlight is still very compact and light for how incredibly bright it is, and with a host of smart features, it's as easy to live with as it is to admire. The most obvious difference...
Lezyne Macro Drive XL 600LM Loaded Light Kit
Retail Price: $84.99
Our Price: $79.99
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Sometimes, you have to go against everything your well-meaning mother taught you and ride your bike in the dark. Whether you're commuting to work or have to start training rides before the sun comes up, riding without daylight is just necessary sometimes. Give your poor mother some relief and let...
Lezyne Macro Micro Light Pair
Retail Price: $109.99
Our Price: $65.99
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Whether on after-work trail rides or an everyday commute through busy streets, the Lezyne Macro Micro Light Pair delivers dependable, effective illumination in a relatively small package. Both lights are built with Lezyne's MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lens, which has side-cuts that allow for...
Lezyne Micro Drive Front Light
Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $39.99
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The Lezyne Micro Drive Front Light will slide in nicely between the other items mounted on your handlebars to give you 150 lumens looking forward, and 180 degrees of visibility. The most obvious difference between the Micro Drive and other lights is the CNC-machined aluminum body. In the event...
Lezyne Power Drive 900XL Head Light
Price: $99.99
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From grueling 24-hour races to night rides on desolate country roads, the Lezyne Power Drive 900XL Head Light provides brilliant illumination on pitch-dark evenings with its 900-lumen output. High-output LEDs prevent flickering or fading throughout its battery cycle, thanks to Lezyne's Constant...
Lezyne Strip Drive Front Light
Price: $34.99
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Packing five high-output LEDs with a maximum output of 120 lumens, the Lezyne Strip Drive Front Light illuminates broad swaths of road when you're commuting after dark. This lightweight LED light stands up to the task of daily commuting with its weatherproof co-molded construction. Side...
Lezyne Strip Drive Light Pair
Price: $67.99
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Be bright in the dark with the Lezyne Strip Drive Light Pair. Featuring a compact design that quickly and unobtrusively attaches to your bike, these lights are bright beacons to announce your presence and help you arrive at your destination safely. The front light provides up to 120 lumens of...
Lezyne Super Drive 1200 XXL Loaded Light Kit
Retail Price: $149.99
Our Price: $112.49
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Heading out before the sunrise for a ride is often the only way to get your base miles in before work, so make sure you're prepared for the quiet, dark hours ahead with a light that's up for illuminating the contours of the road in front of you. Lezyne's Super Drive 1200 XXL Loaded Light Kit...
Lezyne Super Drive 1200XXL Headlight
Price: $119.99
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Riding during the shoulder hours of the day, whether you're racing the sunset or waiting for the sunrise, is far different than heading out for a ride when the skies are completely dark. While you might be able to get away with a small blinking light during the former, the latter requires making...
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