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Light & Motion Urban 350 Light
Price: $69.99
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Light & Motion offers some incredibly bright Urban lighting systems, cranking out up to 800 lumens for spotlight-like visibility, yet the Light & Motion Urban 350 Headlight is hardly the dim bulb in the family. Figure that the average clip-on light on the streets emits fewer than 100 lumens, and...
Light & Motion Urban 350 Plus Vis Micro Combo Light Kit
Price: $104.99
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Utility comes in many forms. It's easy to think of it as a rack or a backpack, but keeping you visible at night is as important a function as any that your bike parts can offer. So, when night falls and you need to roll out, it's hard to beat a set of high-visibility lights like those in the...
Light & Motion Urban 400 Light
Retail Price: $129.99
Our Price: $89.00
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Handlebar lights are rarely as powerful as they are portable, and if they are, rarely weatherproof as well. The Urban 400 Light from Light & Motion handily delivers that trifecta, while also packing in plenty of style and ease of use to boot. Few cycling lights come with the pedigree of those...
Light & Motion Urban 500 Headlight
Price: $99.99
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From the company that wants you to see the Light and stay in Motion, the Light & Motion Urban 500 Headlight does the trick, casting a bright beam across your path from a small, light package with excellent range. Using a flexible and durable mounting system, the Urban 500 can be placed on your...
Light & Motion Urban 650 Headlight
Price: $129.99
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There are cycling lights used to see at night, and there are lights used to be seen at night. When you want both, it's hard to beat the Light & Motion Urban 650 Headlight. Using a flexible and durable mounting system, the Urban 650 can be placed on your handlebar or helmet, and it pops off easily...
Light & Motion Urban 650 Plus Vis Micro Combo Light Kit
Price: $164.99
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Sometimes it's the taillight that saves you from disaster. Sometimes it's the headlight that illuminates that obstacle that otherwise would have bucked you off the bike. Don't gamble on either end, and pick up a solid combination like the Light & Motion Urban 650 Plus Vis Micro Combo Light Kit....
Light & Motion Urban 800 Headlight
Price: $149.99
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There's no way around the fact that riding your bike at night can be dangerous. Not being able to see the trail or path in front of you is its own hazard, never mind the cars and trucks that may or may not see you if you're riding along a road. To mitigate the stress and risk of nighttime riding,...
Light & Motion Urban 800 Plus Vis 180 Combo Light Kit
Price: $239.99
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When riding through the night, there's no substitute for good ol' lumens. The Light & Motion Urban 800 Plus Vis 180 Combo Light Kit serves up a whopping 870 total lumens, making it the brightest urban riding combo the company offers, and a very safe bet when you refuse to compromise an ounce of...
Light & Motion Urban 800FC Headlight
Price: $179.99
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When you're on the move, you need equipment that can keep up. The Light & Motion Urban 800FC is for the nighttime rider who can't slow down, whether it's hopping between trailheads after dark, or the messenger or commuter who never sits still in the winter months. The "FC" in the model's...
Light & Motion Vis 180 Tail Light
Price: $99.99
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Nearly 3/4 of all crashes between bikes and cars occur at intersections, and not surprisingly most of those occur in the evening hours when the light is fading and everyone is tired and trying to get home after a long day. Often enough, motorists simply drive right into cyclists. Light and Motion...
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