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Lezyne LED KTV Drive Pro Headlight
Price: $25.99
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The world of bike lights might, on the surface, seem relatively benign with regards to technological advancements or flashy new designs (pun definitely intended). So it gets our attention when a company truly re-thinks bike lighting, and a great example of a train of thought we advise following...
Lezyne LED Mega Drive Headlight with Accessories
Price: $249.99
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Night riding is the jam, but just imagine how much more fun it would be if you could actually see where you're going. That's the idea behind Lezyne's LED Mega Drive Headlight, which rocks a series of light-blasting LED bulbs that put out up to 1400 lumens, so you can see everything from cracks in...
Lezyne LED Micro Drive Light Pair
Price: $69.99
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Lezyne's LED Micro Drive Light Pair looks fancy and acts fancy, but it doesn't cost fancy. The company managed to cram loads of road-illuminating power into small, sleek packages that attach and detach easily to your bike via a tool-free silicone strap, so you can switch them between frames and...
Lezyne LED Power Drive XL Headlight with Accessories
Price: $114.99
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Low lumen head lights are typically suitable for riding through suburban and urban areas with street lights, but for trail or rural riding at night, you'll need something more substantial. Enter the Lezyne LED Power Drive XL Headlight with Accessories. This little beast produces almost as many...
Lezyne LIR 123A Battery
Price: $13.95
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One of the best features of Lezyne's Mini series of lights is Infinite Light technology, which allows you to pop open the light and replace the batteries on the trail, effectively giving you as much power as you want to carry. In order to utilize this feature, however, you'll need backup...
Lezyne Macro/Zecto Light Pair
Price: $100.00
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The Lezyne Macro/Zecto Light Pair keep you covered from head to tail. The package pairs the Macro Headlight (with a runtime of up to 10 hours), and the Zecto tail light (up to 7 hours), into an easy-mounting light kit. They're both rechargeable via your computer's USB ports, and include cables to...
Lezyne Micro Drive Front Light
Price: $49.99
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The Lezyne Micro Drive Front Light will slide in nicely between the other items mounted on your handlebars to give you 150 lumens looking forward, and 180 degrees of visibility. The most obvious difference between the Micro Drive and other lights is the CNC-machined aluminum body. In the event...
Lezyne Mini Drive XL Headlight
Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $48.99
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Intended for either off- or on-road use, the Lezyne Mini Drive XL Headlight strikes the company's usual balance between stunning aesthetics and precision engineering. While it may be the smallest of Lezyne's "XL" light series, it's still a virtual spotlight for the road or trail, and it comes...
Lezyne Power Drive XL Headlight
Price: $99.99
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Lezyne's XL line looks good, performs well, and packs features that you can't find anywhere else. The Power Drive XL blasts a whopping 600 lumens from its machined aluminum housing and is designed to be visible form a full 180 degrees.,p>The Power Drive XL's tough aluminum body does more than...
Lezyne Super Drive XL Headlight
Price: $119.99
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Illuminating dark stretches of desolate roads and twisty trails, the Lezyne Super Drive XL Headlight packs a whopping 700-lumens within a relatively compact size. The Super Drive XL features Constant Lumens management LEDs for a consistent beam of brilliant illumination, with side cut-outs to...
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