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Exposure Toro Mk6 Headlight
Price: $499.00
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Great Britain-based manufacturer Exposure Lights are an example of a company that takes to heart its chosen tasks. The company's employees aren't just massively enthusiastic about things like heat-managing software and which types of alloys are best to utilize for various components of LED light...
Exposure Trace Front Light
Price: $89.95
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Sure, a quick-and-easy elastic band secures the Trace Front Light to handlebars like many other LED front lights, only Exposure's expertise makes this much more than the typical watch battery in a rubber case. First off, the Trace light combines a powerful, yet efficient Cree XPG LED with a...
Exposure Trace Light Pack
Price: $169.00
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Each of Exposure's Trace Lights in this front and rear Pack weigh slightly more than 400 grams, which makes them ideal for not only commuters, but long-distance riders, too. So, if you're unsure if a ride's going to push into the dark, just toss them in a jersey pocket. This is possible because...
Exposure WhiteEye Light
Retail Price: $64.95
Our Price: $49.95
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The Exposure WhiteEye is CNC machined aluminum throughout, save for the plastic lens. It looks just like their RedEye Helmet Light, but instead of producing a glowing red light to be seen from the rear, the White Eye produces 240 lumens from its single Seoul P4 LED. It can be used to give...
Lezyne Composite Matrix Handlebar Mount
Price: $8.99
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Busted up the handlebar mount for your 2013 Lezyne Mega or XL headlamp? Or maybe your 2012 LED Lezyne? No worries. The Lezyne Composite Matrix Handlebar Mount is the replacement you need. Compatible with 31. 8mm or 25. 4mm handlebars (with the included rubber shims), the mount head also pivots up...
Lezyne Femto Drive Front Light
Price: $14.95
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Leave it to Lezyne to turn something as ordinary as a safety light and turn it into art. The Femto Drive Front Light's durable CNC-machined aluminum body is weather-resistant, dissipates heat to protect the battery, and won't rust no matter how long you leave it outside. The Femto's lens doubles...
Lezyne Hecto Drive Front Light
Price: $34.99
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When you want a simple, lightweight headlight to pop into your bag for those days when you get stuck riding home as the sun is setting, the Lezyne Hecto is the perfect fit. It's clean style is only matched by its convenience and packability. Three long-lasting LEDs are encased in a dome-like...
Lezyne Hecto Drive Light Pair
Price: $67.99
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The Lezyne Hecto Drive Light Pair enhance visibility and safety when you're riding on the darkest nights, thanks to their unique design with 180-degrees of illumination. This light pair includes front and back LEDs that emit 100-lumens in full Blast mode and 50-lumens in economy mode....
Lezyne International 2A USB Charging Kit
Price: $34.95
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Keep your lights charged when you travel with the Lezyne International 2A USB Charger Kit. This setup allows you to charge your Lezyne USB lights pretty much anywhere you can find a wall socket. It includes adapters for USA, EURO, ASIA, and AU wall sockets, so you're set no matter where your...
Lezyne KTV Drive Pro Light Pair
Price: $43.99
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The intersection of value, performance, and design can be tricky to find, particularly in the utilitarian world of bicycle lighting. Lezyne puts a thumb tack on the map, though, with their new KTV family of lights, and if you're after a killer deal, the Lezyne KTV Drive Pro Pair sends both the...
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