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Exposure Axis Mk2 Headlight
Price: $309.00
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On paper, the Exposure Axis Mk2 Headlight may look a lot like the company's best-selling Diablo's little brother, and that's because it is, but this ain't no axis of evil. The Axis is more than powerful enough for most riders, packing all the same features as the Diablo, only with a slightly...
Exposure Diablo Mk6 Headlight
Retail Price: $349.00
Our Price: $296.65
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By far the company's most popular model, the Exposure Diablo Mk6 Headlight makes a strong case to be the one and only headlight you need. It hosts a number of ingenious features, is easily mountable on either a helmet or handlebar, and its timeless design and quality come courtesy of its British...
Exposure Equinox Light
Retail Price: $479.00
Our Price: $399.00
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At the forefront of lighting technology, Exposure's sub 125g, 1200-lumen Equinox Light is incredibly powerful for its feathery weight. And if that's not enough power, Equinox can boost lumens to 2000 and increase battery life with the addition of a Support Cell. As it sits, the light will last...
Exposure Equinox Light Pack
Retail Price: $549.00
Our Price: $390.00
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At the forefront of lighting technology, Exposure's sub 125g, 2000-lumen Equinox Light Pack comes with a helmet mount and a wireless remote switch. That's right, an incredibly powerful light and battery combination that's feathery enough for helmet use, complete with control at your finger tips....
Exposure Joystick Mk8 & RedEye Light Pack
Retail Price: $269.95
Our Price: $202.45
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This Exposure Joystick Mk8 and RedEye Light Pack combines the tiny RedEye rear light with a 400 lumen Joystick Mk8 for front and rear visibility in a helmet-mounted design. The RedEye cleanly attaches to the Joystick Mk8 via Exposure's Smart Port Technology Plus. Essentially, it's a cylindrical...
Exposure Joystick Mk9 Bundle
Price: $249.00
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Joystick Mk9 Bundle
Exposure MaXx-D Mk7 Headlight
Price: $579.00
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As well-established bike nerds, we are especially enthusiastic about products from companies also run by well-established bike nerds, and a shining example of this is anything that comes from our light-minded friends at Exposure. Pieces like the British-engineered and manufactured Exposure MaXx-D...
Exposure Race Mk9 Headlight
Price: $399.00
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Engineered and manufactured in Great Britain, the Exposure Race Mk9 Headlight is the product of a small group of utterly obsessed engineers and designers whose sole mission is to create the world's most advanced bike lighting systems. While not as heavy-duty as its big brothers, the Toro and the...
Exposure Red Eye Micro
Price: $24.95
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The Exposure Red Eye Micro is, without a doubt, the smallest rear taillight we've ever seen. Taking full advantage of Exposure's Smart Port Technology Plus, it simply plugs into the port and switches on and off with the light. It works with the Diablo and Joystick helmet-mounted headlights. The...
Exposure RedEye Light
Retail Price: $64.95
Our Price: $49.95
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This RedEye Helmet Light is a bit different than the Long Cable version that we also sell. Here, the lamp bezel is CNC machined aluminum, as is the housing. It's also a bit more compact. It comes with a double-ended clip that allows it to snap directly into place in the body of the Diablo or...
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