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CatEye Rapid X Light
Price: $40.00
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CatEye continues to make some of the most reliable and visible lights in the business. So, when the company comes up with a totally new product, it's notable to riders everywhere. The new CatEye Rapid X Light is the latest and greatest, and it promises to outshine everything else that came before...
CatEye Volt 1200 Headlight
Retail Price: $199.95
Our Price: $138.99
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CatEye's Volt 1200 Headlight won't help you see in the dark. Instead, it'll banish darkness far away, so you can use your lame human eyes to ride safely through the nighttime streets. While you might not have the perceptive pupils of a crepuscular critter, the Volt's 1200 lumens, generated via...
CatEye Volt 300 Headlight
Price: $70.00
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Headlight technology has evolved quickly from days of yore when you needed to carry two water-bottle sized batteries for a few hours of illumination. Now you can literally hold a complete light in the palm of your hand. The Cateye Volt 300 is the latest in portable lumens - quick to charge and...
CatEye Volt 300 Rapid X Light Kit
Price: $100.00
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Need a solid and bright light combo from a company famous for solid and bright light combos? The Cateye Volt 300/Rapid X Light Kit is calling your name. Up front, you get a Volt 300. It's super lightweight for a 300-lumen LED light, at only 120 grams. The Li-ion battery is housed in a durable...
Exposure Diablo Mk7 Headlight with Helmet & HB Mount
Retail Price: $339.00
Our Price: $239.00
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Exposure's best-selling handlebar torch returns to burn safe passages across trails and roads in the form of the Diablo Mk7 Headlight with Helmet and HB Mount. If there are differences between the Mk7 and its predecessor, the Mk6, they're so imperceptible as to not be readily apparent. And that's...
Exposure Equinox Mk2 Headlight Pack with Wireless Remote Switch
Retail Price: $475.00
Our Price: $332.50
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When it comes to lumen output on a cycling light, your general commuter-type is likely happy with a small model with a 120 lumen output. Or less. But for fast descents or off-road riding after dark, Exposure's Equinox Mk2 Headlight Pack with Wireless Remote Switch is the obvious choice. The 1,200...
Exposure Go-Pro Mount for Quick Release Bracket
Retail Price: $16.95
Our Price: $11.86
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If you're already using one of Exposure Lights' quick-release brackets on your handlebars and want to record proof of your best lines, you can invest in the Go-Pro Mount for Quick Release Bracket. This solid mount will make sure your GoPro stays put so it can get clear, shake-free footage of your...
Exposure Joystick Mk10 Headlight with Helmet & HB Mount
Retail Price: $239.00
Our Price: $199.00
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As you're heading out to ride dark singletrack, with shadowy switchbacks and hidden obstacles, you know you'll need some type of light to help you see where you're going. For the rides when you don't want a heavy spotlight mounted to your handlebars, grab Exposure Lights' Joystick MK10 Headlight....
Exposure Link Plus Front & Rear Light Combo
Retail Price: $139.00
Our Price: $97.30
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Exposure's Link Plus Front and Rear Light Combo combines a mid-strength, forward-facing light with a rear-facing light that's angled so that, while the front light is aimed at the road from a helmet or handlebar mount, the rear light is directed straight back to alert overtaking traffic to your...
Exposure MaXx-D Mk8 Headlight
Retail Price: $529.00
Our Price: $435.99
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Shorter daylight hours can either mean that riding outside after work won't happen again until spring, or they can mean it's time to start enjoying night rides again. With Exposure's MaXx-D Mk8 Headlight, you can embrace the latter. Take advantage of its intuitive features to enjoy rides in the...
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