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CamelBak M.U.L.E. NV Hydration Pack - 732cu in
Retail Price: $135.00
Our Price: $121.50
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Packing a little less volume than Camelbak's flagship mountain bike hydration pack but every bit as capable, the M. U. L. E. NV Hydration Pack is if you need a lot of water and plenty of storage, but also need to keep an eye on the amount of weight you're carrying. The M. U. L. E. is packing a...
CamelBak Magic Hydration Backpack - Women's - 122cu in
Retail Price: $88.00
Our Price: $79.20
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The phrase 'less is more' has been around much longer than mountain biking, but there really isn't another activity to which it better applies. To an extent, the less you pull up the climb with you, the better off you'll be. Weight equals fatigue. While not entirely minimalist, the Camelbak Women...
CamelBak Rain Cover
Price: $10.00
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CamelBak packs work best when the water's on the inside and the outside and cargo are dry. This rain cover fits securely to your CamelBak pack with a Velcro closure and drawstring and will protect it from everything short of a jump in the pond. Use the S/M for the H. A. W. G., Cloud Walker, Trail...
CamelBak Spark 10 LR Hydration Backpack - Women's - 450cu in
Price: $110.00
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Camelbak designed the Women's Spark 10 LR Pack for light and fast rides. When you're hitting the trail for less than 10 miles, you don't need 3 liters of water and 1000 cubic inches of storage. You're probably carrying a couple liters of water, an energy bar, your keys, a spare tube, a multi-tool...
CamelBak Volt 13 LR Hydration Backpack - 600cu in
Price: $125.00
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The Volt is one of Camelbak's larger packs with the lumbar reservoir. The comfortable lumbar design along with 600 cubic inches of space makes the Volt perfect for three or four hour rides. The most important design aspect of the Volt 13 LR Pack is its lumbar reservoir system, which keeps your...
POC VPD 2.0 Spine Pack 16
Price: $174.95
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POC has created two different spine protection packs --Both include a removable VPD spine protector, and both are hydration-compatible. The difference between the two is size. The VPD 2. 0 Spine Pack 16 is the smaller of the two, at 16 liters. Generally speaking, there are two types of body armor...
POC VPD 2.0 Spine Pack 25
Price: $199.95
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It only makes sense. You'll be wearing a pack anyway, so why not integrate spine protection? And, while you're at it, how about hydration? Thankfully, you can have them all at once with the Poc VPD 2. 0 Spine Pack 25. Generally speaking, there are two types of body armor: soft, flexible armor...
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