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Bell Array Helmet
Price: $79.95
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The problem with price-sensitive helmets is that they usually look and feel it. Not so with the Bell Array; this is one place where trickle-down technology really works. It features the same Fusion In-Mold Microshell for durability, registered graphics for durability and overall pro looks as the...
Bell Gage Helmet
Retail Price: $189.95
Our Price: $75.98
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The manufacturer's perpetual weight race is well documented. From frames to every imaginable component, engineers and designers strive to chip away grams without disturbing the delicate balance with structural integrity. Luckily, there are industry standards like the CPSC, which the Bell Gage...
Bell Sweep Helmet
Retail Price: $139.95
Our Price: $90.97
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The Bell Sweep Helmet is a no-nonsense helmet that balances strength-weight ratio with aplomb. Well-ventilated and as light as the top line Volt, the Sweep checks all the boxes of modern helmet design and expectations, but makes only the tiniest dent on your pocketbook. The Sweep's 20 vents will...
Bell Volt Helmet
Retail Price: $154.95
Our Price: $69.73
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The promise of any great helmet is that you'll forget you have it on. Bell engineers undertook that task by keeping the Volt helmet light and making sure it was ventilated. At 320g, it's one of the lightest out there. The Volt's 22 vents direct air into the helmet, over the head and out the back...
Catlike Kompacto Helmet
Retail Price: $114.95
Our Price: $91.96
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There's no denying that the Catlike Kompacto Helmet and the flagship Whisper Plus are two helmets cut from the same cloth. What the Kompacto lacks in ventilation and pro tour pedigree, it more than makes up for by offering an economical, lightweight, and supremely-fitting alternative to the best...
Catlike Kompacto Helmet
Price: $114.95
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The Catlike Whisper Plus, with its noticeable rounded vents, is the most recognizable of the Catlike line. However, predating it by almost four years is the Catlike Kompacto. This helmet lacks the visibility within the pro-tours, but makes up for it with an economical, lightweight, and supremely...
Catlike Mixino Helmet
Price: $298.95
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Typically, we're used to making certain sacrifices in the name of low weight -- namely, to that of strength. However, this design principle is entirely unacceptable for helmets, as protection is a helmet's primary function. Thankfully, though, the engineers at Catlike have continued to push the...
Catlike Mixino Movistar Team Helmet
Price: $298.95
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Weight-to-strength is a careful balance, and when it comes to helmet design, strength simply must not be overlooked, even if it means wearing a few extra grams on your head. Protection, after all, is a helmet's primary function. Catlike pushes the design envelope while continually increasing the...
Catlike Tako Helmet
Price: $69.95
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To most Americans, Catlike might only conjure up images of the professional peloton. However, Europeans have long known that Catlike also produces helmets, like the mountain-focused Tako Helmet, that extend well beyond its road racing roots. The Tako is a slightly modified version of the...
Catlike Whisper Helmet
Price: $224.95
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At its core, a helmet's purpose is fairly transparent -- avoid a trip to the hospital after a crash. However, every helmet maker takes different paths to achieve this. And with rigorous certification systems, you can be assured that most helmets will generally protect you, but the question...
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