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Brooks Hoxton Wire Basket
Price: $160.00
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Add a touch of class to your daily cycling routine with Brooks' Hoxton Wire Basket. The sturdy metal structure supports loads with ease, while a wooden bottom and leather handle, constructed from saddle scraps, give the Hoxton undeniable richness. For easy transportation, a KLICKfix handlebar...
Brooks Isle Of Skye Handlebar Bag
Price: $175.00
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Whether you're touring the Hebrides or taking Highway 101 through Olympic National Park, nothing complements your cycling odyssey with the same classic flair as Brooks' Isle of Skye Handlebar Bag. The bag's vintage styling recalls the golden era of design during which the first Brooks workshop...
Brooks Isle Of Wight Saddle Bag
Price: $65.00
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Revel in the rich appearance of the Brooks Isle of Wight Saddle Bag next time you take a spin through the countryside. This timeless saddle bag exudes sophistication with its combination of Brooks' leather and waterproof Bluesign canvas. Leather zipper pulls, Brooks' signature insignia, and...
Brooks Islington Rucksack
Price: $365.00
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The Brooks Islington Rucksack utilizes innovative shoulder straps that allow you to make precise adjustments to stabilize the bag while you're riding. You're able to steady the pack by either crossing both straps diagonally over the chest, or alternately securing one of the straps laterally...
Brooks John O'Groats Front Travel Pannier
Price: $140.00
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Named after a famous cycle route that traverses the length of the largest island in Europe, the John O'Groats Front Travel Pannier is designed to best Britain's inclement weather. This means a waterproof, light, and durable pannier that expands from 12 to 15 liters via a roll-top design. For...
Brooks Land's End Rear Travel Pannier
Retail Price: $155.00
Our Price: $124.99
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The Brooks Land's End Rear Travel Pannier is designed for Britain's cold, wet climate. It's durable, waterproof, and lightweight, and it expands from 19 to 23 liters via a stylish roll-top design. The Pannier attaches to standard rear bike racks and it has gear loops for your lights.
Brooks Millbrook Holdall
Price: $170.00
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Evoking a time when newsboy caps were worn unironically and knickers weren't a fashion risk, the Brooks Millbrook Holdall is a commuting or casual bag that blends waterproof construction with classic style. Leather straps and metal buckles keep your tools, lunch, or camera from flying out, while...
Brooks Norfolk Front Roll Top Travel Panniers
Price: $130.00
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Brooks' guiding principles of "meeting the practical needs of the individual cyclist" were first printed in the English company's 1952 catalog. Since then, neither those principles nor the iconic styling of the artifacts that it produces have changed. The classically appointed styling and...
Brooks Piccadilly Day Pack
Price: $370.00
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Meeting the expectations inspired by the name of one of London's most widely-recognized thoroughfares is no small feat, but Brooks manages not to disappoint with the Piccadilly Day Pack. Its timeless style is suitable for a day trip that begins at The Ritz, proceeds through the popular,...
Brooks Pickwick Day Pack
Price: $230.00
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Made in the Tuscan hills of Italy with upscale details and rugged materials, the Brooks Pickwick Day Pack is a modish, highly versatile pack designed for the contemporary commuter. Its water-resistant cotton canvas resists soaking and premature wear, while genuine Brooks leather injects richly...
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