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Blackburn Ex-1 Disc Rear Rack
Price: $54.95
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Install a Blackburn Ex-1 Disc Rear Rack on your mountain bike and start haulin'. This rack has the clearance needed for disc brakes so you can use your heavy-duty mountain bike for loaded touring or around-town errands. Clearance for 700c and 26in wheelsCompatible with copilot child seats
Blackburn MTF-1 Front Rack
Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $22.95
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Blackburn's MTF-1 Front Rack is the perfect solution for hauling extra gear on your 26-inch mountain bike. Relying on durable, 12mm-gauge 6061 aluminum tubing, the rack easily handles loads up to 25lbs. The MTF-1 mounts to forks equipped with rack eyelets and uses a 4-point mounting interface to...
Blackburn TRX-2 Ultimate Commuter Rack
Price: $89.95
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With the Blackburn TRX-2 Ultimate Commuter Rack, your carrying ability is limited only by your imagination. Featuring a versatile array of accessory attachment points, as well as both high and low pannier mounting options, you'll be able to perfectly tailor and balance your traveling load with...
Portland Design Works Dave's Mud Shovel Fat Bike Fender
Price: $18.00
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Before Portland Design Works stepped in with Dave's Mud Shovel Fat Bike Fender, options were either constructed from a milk jug or flap stolen from a big rig. Instead of dodging lot lizards and dealing with brittle quick ties, the PDW Mud Shovel is the perfect shape to keep your down tube and...
Portland Design Works Full Metal Fender
Price: $120.00
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In the past ten years, Portland has turned from a city shadowed by Seattle's vibrant seaside culture to becoming America's cycling sweetheart. It's paved the way for advocacy, it houses countless frame builders, and it's a hub for the two-wheeled culture. And out of this cycling hot spot,...
Portland Design Works Loading Dock Rear Rack
Price: $95.00
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As cyclists, we all hit our breaking point of carrying beers, groceries, or books all on our backs. Let's face it -- pointy things hurt, eggs crush easily, and sweat maps of a messenger bag don't look good on anyone's back. It's time to get to some racks, and the Portland Design Works Loading...
Portland Design Works Origami Fender
Price: $16.00
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Fenders are a blessing when the roads are wet. But, they can also be bulky, an eyesore, and a brittle, failure-prone accessory. While the cycling community has seen its share of fender innovation, most of these advancements have turned into novelty gimmicks. The lightweight Portland Design Works...
Portland Design Works Payload Rear Rack - Steel
Price: $78.00
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Racks have traditionally been a utilitarian afterthought, aweb of straight, small-diameter tubing forming a simple structure. The PortlandDesign Works Payload Rear Rack parts ways with those uninspiringcargo-carriers, in favor of eye-pleasing organic shapes and a bamboo deck. Its tough steel...
Portland Design Works Sodapop Frame Mount Fenders
Price: $21.00
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Sure you could cut up, zip-tie, and epoxy a bunch of empty two-liters together to fashion a makeshift fender. But, unless you're delivering foodaboard a lead-sled, big-box store monstrosity then it's going to look a littleout of place on your beloved bicycle. Not mention, the effort and time...
Portland Design Works Takeout Handlebar Basket
Price: $115.00
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Front baskets are convenient because of their location. The PortlandDesign Works Takeout Basket easily attaches to 25. 4 through 31. 8mm handlebarswith the included hardware. This makes it compatible with most city bikes, evenones with a suspension fork. The Takeout Basket features an eyelet for...
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