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Thule Bed Rider Truck Mount
Price: $229.95
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Give your bikes the best seat in the house with the Thule Bed Rider Truck Mount. Carry up to two bikes securely in the bed of your pickup by bolting them into the 9mm quick-release fork mounts. The fork mount carrier fits most sizes of pickup beds and bed liners, and attaches to the bed without...
Thule Gate Mate Tailgate Pad
Price: $109.95
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You may hit the road with a bunch of trail-mates, but your favorite one is bound to be the durable Thule Gate Mate Tailgate Pad. Heavy-duty vinyl and extra padding is what helps keep your truck and everybody's bikes looking good. Durable, waterproof vinyl throughout protects both your truck's...
Thule Locking Bed-Rider Add-On Block
Price: $74.95
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The Thule Locking Bed-Rider Add-On Block will enhance your Thule 822 Bed-Rider and allow it to carry one more bike--say, if you pick up a hitch-hiking biker or something. The simple design lets your friend easily clip the fork of his bike to the fitting. It also includes a lock to secure it to...
Thule Low-Rider Bike Mount
Price: $39.95
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The Thule Low Rider is simultaneously the most basic and most versatile piece of bike mounting hardware in existence. The Low Rider is a fork-mounting block that can be attached to any flat surface. This means beds, walls, floors, caps, camper tops, random pieces of wood, boat decks, roofs, and...
Thule Tailgate Pad
Price: $34.95
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Toss the Thule Tailgate Pad over the 'gate of your short bed truck and get your six-foot (plus!) board down to the water without dinging it into oblivion. A sewn-in strap system slides easily around the bottom of your tailgate so you can secure this pad quickly without messing around for an hour...
Thule Xsporter Adapters
Price: $9.95
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The Xsporter Adapters allow you to mount your favorite Thule rack parts and accessories on your Xsporter pickup rack. Editor's note: Check the sizing chart to determine which adapter is needed for your rack mount.
Yakima Beddy Jo Truck 2 Bike Rack
Retail Price: $139.00
Our Price: $97.30
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Install the Beddy Jo Bike Carrier into your truck bed. Two bike capacity. Intuitive bike mount that installs into your truck bed in less than one minute. With the stability of the Yakima Wonder Wedge there is absolutely no drilling required. Corrosion-resistant, heavy duty steel construction...
Yakima BedHead Truck Rack Locking
Price: $80.00
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The Yakima Bed Head is an affordable, no drill solution to carry a bike by the forks in the bed of any pickup truck. It carries one bike, quickly installs onto interior lip along truck bed rails with a beefy, long throw, 9mm skewer. Padding protects truck's finish. Get the locking version for...
Yakima BedRock - 4-Pack w/Locks
Price: $199.00
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You didn't buy that burly pick-up truck to carry a couple bikes in the back and get squished with your gear in the cab, did you? If you envisioned a little more carrying capacity in that four-by-four, the Yakima BedRock 4-Pack with Locks will help you realize this dream. This multi-sport,...
Yakima BikerBar w/Locks
Price: $229.00
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Instead of allowing your bikes to bounce around in the bed of your truck, simply install the Yakima BikerBar w/Locks--no drilling or tools required. The included SKS lock cores securely lock the bikes to the rack and the rack to your truck to deter would-be bandits. Plus, the bar is available in...
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