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Inno Racks Stream 15cft Cargo Box
Retail Price: $499.99
Our Price: $324.99
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Big on snowboarding, but short on space? Make your daily pilgrimage to the mountain with the help of the Inno Racks Stream 15cft Cargo Box. It offers plenty of space in a short profile, making it perfect for snowboarders with rear-hatch wagons and small SUVs that are less than ideal for longer...
Inno Racks Tire Hold II Bike Mount
Retail Price: $189.00
Our Price: $141.75
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We all want to get our bikes -- and ourselves -- to the day's chosen destination safe and sound. Thankfully, the Tire Hold II by Inno Racks has a one-key lock system that keeps us sane during setup and keeps our bikes protected while in transit. This year's model is a more streamlined version of...
Kuat Skinny Slimline Gear Carrier
Price: $389.00
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Whatever your pleasure--biking, skiing, kayaking, camping, hot-air ballooning, baboon wrestling, deep-sea shuffleboard, chicken rodeoing--the Kuat Skinny Slimline Gear Carrier will help you and your gear get there, provided you travel via automobile. Like any roof rack, the Skinny Slimline mounts...
Kuat Trio Fork Mount Roof System
Price: $209.00
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We won't say that Kuat makes the best bike racks out there, but we see them on plenty of cars, and think that popularity probably speaks for itself. Take the Kuat Trio Fork Mount Roof System. Most fork-mounted racks only really work with quick-release axles--although a dedicated rider can...
Kuat Vagabond Roof Rack
Price: $299.00
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The Kuat Vagabond Roof Rack is a pretty simple piece of gear, but that's why it's so awesome. You can attach it to any factory bars, and Kuat made it from tough powder-coated steel that can withstand heavy loads and bad weather. A plethora of tie-downs means you won't have to constantly watch the...
Kuat Vagabond X-2 Bike Cargo Rack
Price: $489.00
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The best road trips are the ones that include a couple of bikes and a ton of gear. The Kuat Vagabond carries both your bikes and your gear securely while leaving the interior of your car fresh and clutter-free so your passenger can stretch out when the morning coffee wears off. The Vagabond has a...
Kuat Vagabond Xtender 21in Extension with Load Bars
Price: $195.00
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Upgrade the carrying capacity of your Vagabond X bike rack with the Kuat Vagabond Xtender 21in Extension with Load Bars. You'll have enough room too carry more than just your bikes and a few accessories. The extra space you get from this extender means you'll have room to strap on a cooler or a...
Rhino-Rack Alloy Tray and Fitting Kit
Retail Price: $458.00
Our Price: $251.90
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Unlike other flimsy roof rack trays that can fold under pressure, Rhino Rack built its Alloy Tray & Fitting Kit with structural aluminum and reinforced nylon to handle a lifetime of adventuring over muddy, bumpy, and gnarly roads. Just pick the size you need to accommodate your gear load, decide...
Rhino-Rack Alloy Tray Fitting Kit for Thule/Yakima/Inno Bars
Retail Price: $39.00
Our Price: $31.20
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Easily and quickly attach your Rhino Rack Alloy Trays to your Thule, Yakima, or Inno Bars with the Alloy Tray Fitting Kit. This Fitting Kit makes it easy to transport all kinds of fun roof accessories on your Alloy Tray.
Rhino-Rack Awning Extension
Retail Price: $139.00
Our Price: $111.20
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The Rhino Rack Awning Extension attaches to your Rhino Rack Foxwing or Sunseeker Awning. Depending on how you want to use it, the extension can add more overhead shade or act as a sidewall to protect you and your gear from crosswinds or late afternoon sun.
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