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Thule Sonic Cargo Box
Price: $549.95
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When you see the Thule Sonic Cargo Box, the first thing you'll think is 'man, that thing is pointy!' That's Thule's patented AeroNose design. It saves you fuel and reduces wind noise while you're on the road. The Sonic also opens and locks from either side of the car, which is extremely...
Thule Sprint Fork Mount Carrier
Price: $249.95
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It's hard to beat the convenience and foolproof simplicity of the Thule Sprint Fork Mount Carrier. It's simple to install and operate, is adjustable to fit different bike sizes and types, and is easy to transfer from one car to another if you're sharing between multiple cars. The Sprint Fork's...
Thule Thru-Axle Adapter
Price: $44.95
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The Thule Thru-Axle Adapter allows you to mount larger front suspension forks on existing Thule and other fork-mounted (tray) bike carriers. The durable welded steel body supports your front forks.
Thule Thule Cascade XT1100 Cargo Box
Retail Price: $419.95
Our Price: $293.97
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The Thule Cascade XT1100 Cargo Box is so narrow that you can still fit a bike or some skis on the rack as well as all the gear you need for your trip. Its aerodynamic design is complemented by a glossy finish over the strong ABS shell in order to give you a smooth ride throughout your trip. The...
Thule Transporter Combination Hitch Cargo Carrier
Price: $539.95
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The Thule Transporter Combination Hitch Cargo Carrier attaches to your vehicle's hitch to store up to 150 pounds of extra camping and climbing gear for you next major road trip. Cargo box tilts down to allow for access to the rear of vehicleSecureLock safeguards against your gear getting spread...
Thule Traverse Fit Kit
Price: $89.95
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In order to attach a Thule foot pack and roof rack to your ride, pair your vehicle with the appropriate Traverse Fit Kit.
Thule Traverse Foot Half Pack
Price: $109.95
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Few parts, easier installation, and a more secure attachment are the hallmark traits of the Thule Traverse Foot Half Pack. For pickup cabs or adding an extra bar to your existing setup, the Half Pack outfits you for secure racking. Select your compatible 480 Fit Kit, toss on a box, bike, or boat,...
Thule Traverse Foot Pack
Price: $194.95
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Latch on the Thule Traverse Foot Pack and rest assured that the gear attached to your roof will be safe and sounds when you reach your destination. The Traverse's simple design and super-secure attachment mechanism make it a solid choice for hassle-free racking. Select your compatible 480 Fit Kit...
Thule Traverse Short-Roof Adapter
Price: $149.95
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If you drive a small, two-door car, van, or pick-up the Thule Traverse Short Roof Adapter is a crucial component necessary to safely mount any Thule roof mount carriers onto the load bars. This adapter extends the distance between the front and rear Thule 400XT Aero roof rack load bars up to 28...
Thule Truck Rack Adapter Kit
Price: $49.95
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Pick up the Thule Truck Rack Adapter Kit to attach the Thule Xsporter Multi-Height Truck Rack to your factory bed system.
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