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Yakima SkyBox Lo Carbonite Cargo Box
Retail Price: $519.00
Our Price: $415.20
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If you're an internationally renowned pancake chef, you'll know why the flatness of the Yakima SkyBox Lo Carbonite Cargo Box is so sweet, and the same's true if you're a skier or snowboarder. The Lo has a slimmer profile than Yakima's other boxes--perfect for skis and boards--and the Carbonite...
Yakima Sprocket Rocket
Retail Price: $189.00
Our Price: $151.20
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When the ride is over and it's time to get back, cramming your wet, muddy bike in the back of your car can be a real hassle. That's why Yakima built the SprocketRocket Bike Carrier for your roof rack. The SprocketRocket's sleek skewer installs easily--you don't need tools--and fits both fat and...
Yakima T-Axle Fork Adapter 20mm
Retail Price: $39.00
Our Price: $31.20
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The Yakima 20mm T-Axle Fork Adapter allows you to use your friend's fork-mount bike rack to shuttle your freeride bike. Just thread your front wheel's axle through this adapter and screw the prongs to the bike rack. No more stripping down a 40-pound bike to put it in the trunk.
Yakima Tracks - 42 w/ PlusNuts
Retail Price: $145.00
Our Price: $116.00
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The Yakima 42-inch Tracks w/PlusNuts provides an exceptionally strong attachment point for Yakima Control Towers and Yakima LandingPad 1. The low-profile design is hardly perceptible on your vehicles roof when the Control Towers and LandingPads are removed.
Yakima Tracks - 54 w/ PlusNuts
Retail Price: $155.00
Our Price: $124.00
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The Yakima Tracks 54-inch with PlusNut permanently mounts to your vehicle for a strong, low profile attachment point compatible with Yakima Control Towers and LandPad 1. These tracks provide easy connectivity, so you can remove your roof rack when not in use to lighten your load and increase fuel...
Yakima Universal Mighty Mount - Set of 4
Retail Price: $45.00
Our Price: $36.00
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The Yakima Universal Mighty Mount will fit almost any existing factory installed roof rack. Cars that come with factory installed luggage holders can now be fitted with Yakima accessories. Just hook up the Universal Mighty Mounts to your cross bars and then attach the Yakima accessories that suit...
Yakima WB200 Rooftop Fork Bike Mount
Retail Price: $269.00
Our Price: $215.20
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Having to buy separate racks for your road and mountain bikes is more than just annoying, it's expensive. Avoid the costly situation with The Yakima WB200 Rooftop Fork Bike Mount. The versatile SmartMount system is compatible with road or mountain bikes, standard or through-axle forks, and with...
Yakima WB700 Aero Compact Cargo Carrier
Retail Price: $849.00
Our Price: $679.20
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Not only does Yakima's Whispbar Aero Compact Cargo Carrier fit on your small car, it looks good doing it too. Its sleek design also makes it more aerodynamic, and it includes a premium automotive finish that looks every bit as classy as your car, or classier if you drive a beater. A dual sided...
Yakima WB701 Aero Mid-Size Cargo Carrier
Retail Price: $999.00
Our Price: $799.20
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Yakima's Whispbar collection focuses on making cargo boxes stylish as well as functional, and the Aero Mid-Size Cargo Carrier is one of Whispbar's finest creations. Its aerodynamic aesthetic complements most mid-sized vehicles in terms of storage and style, and a premium automotive finish helps...
Yakima Whispbar Fitting Kit
Price: $70.00
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Now that you've invested in the ultra sleek, noise- and wind-reducing Yakima Whispbar crossbars to help transport your toys, you'll need to attach them to your ride. Based on your vehicle model, you may need the Yakima Whispbar Fitting Kit to attach the suitable Smartfoot System to the roof rails.
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