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Assos Espresso Set (2 Sets)
Price: $29.95
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We're aware that the culture of cycling involves many intricacies, some of which take years to fully embrace and understand. However, one commonality among those in the shaved leg realm is fairly intuitive, as it involves an obsessive attraction to all things caffeinated. After all, there's a...
Cowbells Competitive Cyclist Bell
Price: $4.99
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If Walken says it, it must be so. Be as loud as your Euro counterparts. Heck, be louder and show them that cycling has come to the US. The Competitive Cyclist Bell features a handy strap so that you can ring it with abandon. And it's small enough to pack in your jersey pocket for those summer...
MiiR Coffee Cup - 12oz
Price: $19.95
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We're not here to give you an ethics lesson, and neither is MiiR. However, the facts are the facts, and more people are dying every year from unsafe drinking water. In fact, over the time that it takes for you to drink a cup of coffee, around 63 people will die from a water-born illness. With...
Park Tool Bottle Opener - BO-2C
Price: $6.95
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If there's one tool you want to work no matter what, it's your bottle opener. Thankfully, Park Tool engineered the BO-2C Bottle Opener to provide maximum leverage, and comes complete with a lifetime warranty. The trademark Park Tool Blue vinyl-dipped handle ensures a solid grip, so you never have...
Park Tool Pizza Tool - PZT-2
Price: $15.95
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When Park updates a tool, they improve it. The Park PZT-2 Pizza Tool is an update of the timeless PZT-1, and features a larger overall size for better handling and more precise cutting. You see how we made cutting pizza so easy? Yeah, it's like riding a bike.
Park Tool Wall Mount Bottle Opener - BO-5
Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $14.99
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Don't waist precious time searching for an opener for your liquid refreshment; hang the Park Tool BO-5 Wall Mount Bottle Opener and holder in an easily accessible spot for instant beverage gratification.
Pedro's Beverage Wrench
Price: $14.95
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Conveniently labeled to prevent you from drunkenly maladjusting your multi-thousand-dollar rig, Pedro's Beverage Wrench makes quick work of bottle tops. It has a strong metal body. Grippy plashtic handle. Youwanna nuther? You're purty. I llliike youuu. Wait, waitasec'nd ... I shink I luvvv...
Peloton Magazine
Retail Price: $7.99
Our Price: $5.59
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The founders & staff of Peloton Magazine hail from every corner of the cycling press, and together, have a lifetime (many lifetimes?) of experience -- a lifetime spent as much as possible on two wheels. They've come together to build a better bike magazine. You'll find the romance of Rouleur, the...
Portland Design Works Alexander Graham Brass Bell
Price: $24.00
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Instead of clamping to your handlebars, the Portland Design Works Alexander Graham Brass Bell replaces a 10mm spacer on your steerer tube stacks for a clean, seamless install. The Brass Bell's polished finish looks great on contemporary classics, and its chime isn't irritating, but loud enough to...
Rouleur Magazine
Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $9.98
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Why is our sport of cycling so deeply captivating? Is it the depth of suffering we feel when we push too far? Is it the fact that what we feel often engages all of our senses and that no ride is ever as memorable as the ones where we suffer worst? Is it the never-ending temptation to overextend...
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