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Mavic Round UST Valve Kit (+ Wheels) Mavic Round UST Valve Kit (+ Wheels)

Since you're running Mavic 2013 UST wheels, you're going to need a Round UST Valve Kit for the next time you lose a UST valve. Whether you were fixing a flat at home or on the trail, accidents happen. That's why we always have one in our repair kit. The UST Valve Kit works with rounded SLR, ST,...

Price: $9.90

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Mavic UST Valve Kit Mavic UST Valve Kit

Those of you that run UST systems, have no doubt lost a UST valve fixing a flat on the trail at some point. That's one reason we keep one of these in our repair kits at all times. The Mavic UST valve will replace any UST valve stem. It includes rubber O-rings and appropriate valve cap. Tubeless...

Price: $10.00

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