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Geax AKA Tire - 29in Geax AKA Tire - 29in

Wrap your wagon wheels with the Geax AKA 29in Tire. Aggressive, low-profile knobs provide cornering grip in a multitude of trail conditions--without sacrificing rolling resistance. Available in the dual-compound TNT XC 120tpi nylon casing, or a regular, folding casing.

Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $27.99

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Geax Goma 29in Geax Goma 29in

When it was the new kid on the block, the 29-inch wheel was, for a while, limited to lightweight riders and light-duty conditions, because the wheel manufacturers hadn't yet dialed in the formula for making these new wheels as tough as their more stout 26-inch cousins without making them...

Price: $50.99

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Geax Mezcal Tire - 29in Geax Mezcal Tire - 29in

Replace your worn-out bologna skins with the speed-carrying, dirt-flinging, and trail-smoothing Geax Mezcal 29in Tire. The Mezcal's Armid Racing 3D compound and XC casing join forces with a semi-slick design and confidence-boosting side knobs to offer supple traction, reliability, and speed....

Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $54.95

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Geax Saguaro 27.5in TNT Geax Saguaro 27.5in TNT

What does it mean to find balance? Is it getting the best of everything, or is it just nothing in particular standing out? Discuss amongst yourselves. Meanwhile, we'll be over here, talking about how incredible this new 27. 5-inch Saguaro TNT tire is. First off, there's size. Fumble with a...

Price: $54.99

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Geax Saguaro Tire - 26in Geax Saguaro Tire - 26in

Three laps on the Slickrock trail. All-day rides on local singletrack. The dream trip to South America--just make sure you have the versatile Geax Saguaro Mountain Bike Tire. This all-mountain tire rules when you just want to ride instead of stressing over your rubber. Not too heavy, not too...

Price: $50.00

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Geax Saguaro Tire - 29in Geax Saguaro Tire - 29in

Despite the desert name, the Geax Saguaro can handle a wide range of conditions. As a 29er, it's an all-mountain and enduro gem, one that can handle all conditions but excels in the dry hardpacked stuff. Notice how the knobs are attached to an uninterrupted ridge down the center of the tire. That...

Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $49.95

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