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TIME ATAC XC 12 Titan Carbon Pedals TIME ATAC XC 12 Titan Carbon Pedals

The pedal is one of the more crucial components. However, its importance is often overshadowed by the latest drivetrain, suspension, or wheel trends. Pedals have mountain on their plate, as they need to be light, tough, and easy to use. TIME accomplishes this with its range topping ATAC XC 12...

Price: $399.99

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For some companies, keeping weight down means a compromise of durability and function. Not for Time. The full-featured, composite-bodied ATAC XC 6 weighs a hair over 10 ounces, performs like a thoroughbred, and takes a beating like bare-fisted pugilist from the '20s.Time's ATAC (Auto Tension...

Price: $164.00

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TIME Xpresso 8 Pro Carbon Pedal TIME Xpresso 8 Pro Carbon Pedal

Nearly every existing pedal's concept of adjustment is limited to either Q-Factor or spring retention -- read: adding a washer or turning three clicks with a hex key. However, that isn't the case with Time's Xpresso 8 Pro Carbon. The Xpresso 8's iClic concept enables this pedal to provide fast...

Price: $248.95

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