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Arundel Cork Bar Tape Arundel Cork Bar Tape

While we don't doubt that 20 years from now we'll be riding 6lb bikes with telepathic shifting and hydraulic braking, we're fairly sure we'll still rely on cork handlebar tape. Cork is just thick enough to absorb a bit of road shock; it's just tacky enough so your sweaty hands won't slip when you...

Price: $17.95

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Arundel Gecko Bar Tape Arundel Gecko Bar Tape

The Arundel Gecko Bar Tape offers you a low-profile, confident grip in any condition. Arundel uses a polyurethane/EVA foam sandwich construction that is around 2mm at its thickest and tapers toward the edges. The Gecko's dimpled surface is durable and will give you a steady hold, even in wet...

Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $14.36

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Deda Elementi Fluorescent Bar Tape Deda Elementi Fluorescent Bar Tape

Whether your aim is that of safety, pushing the buttons of good taste, or replicating Vini Fantini in any way possible, the Deda Elementi Fluorescent Bar Tape will achieve your objective. And aside from looks, this bar tape features the best that Deda has to offer. It's been constructed from its...

Price: $14.15
Sale Price: $8.95

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Fi'zi:k Bar Gel Fi'zi:k Bar Gel

We've sold umpteen-hundred rolls of Fizik Microtex Bar Gel, the ultimate solution for killing off road vibration at your handlebars. The combination of Fizik's tough-yet-handsome Microtex bar tape and the cushy gel pads beneath it provides the best shock absorption we've ever found. What we're...

Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $31.99

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Fi'zi:k Bar Tape Fi'zi:k Bar Tape

Many of you a familiar with Fizik's Bar Gel handlebar tape -- a two-piece shock-absorbing system for your handlebars. A roll of Microtex bar tape encases an adhesive layer of gel onto your bars to help keep your hands from going numb on long rides. It's a great system, since it fixes the gel on...

Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $8.00

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Fi'zi:k Endurance Bar Tape Fi'zi:k Endurance Bar Tape

Starting a new season with fresh new bar tape is a little luxury that you shouldn't deny yourself. Fizik's Endurance Bar Tape is a classic choice, featuring durable, 2. 5mm thick Microtex to withstand all of the weather -- and more importantly, the sweat -- it's subjected to throughout your rides...

Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $23.96

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Fi'zi:k Performance Bar Tape Fi'zi:k Performance Bar Tape

Fizik's Performance Bar Tape comes in two distinct flavors: Soft and Tacky. Soft is a standard microfiber feel, which is pleasant enough to handle bare hands for hours on end without complaint. Tacky is fashionably grippy with a :k tread pattern to keep your hands or gloves glued to the bars --...

Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $16.79

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Fi'zi:k Superlight Bar Tape Fi'zi:k Superlight Bar Tape

Turn heads with the sleek, high-quality feel of the Fizik Superlight Bar Tape. Not only does it come in a wide array of brilliant and more subdued colors to match your favorite steed, but it's also plenty grippy through wet weather and sweaty training rides. Its Microtex construction consists of...

Price: $22.99
Sale Price: $14.95

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Fi'zi:k Superlight Classic Touch Bar Tape Fi'zi:k Superlight Classic Touch Bar Tape

In introducing Fi'zi:k's Superlight Classic Touch Bar Tape, allow us to wander down memory lane a bit. When we were impressionable young cyclists travelling abroad, we happened to notice a magazine clipping on the wall of a European mechanic's shop. It showed a 1970s-era pro (who shall remain...

Price: $22.99

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Fi'zi:k Superlight Glossy Bar Tape Fi'zi:k Superlight Glossy Bar Tape

Jour sans is one bit of French that every cyclist knows, as we've all had one and we'll all have them in the future. While looking good in the saddle is always important, it becomes even more so when the legs aren't popping. Toward this end, Fi'zi:k's Superlight Glossy Bar Tape adds some...

Price: $22.99

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