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K-Edge Chain Catcher - Braze-on K-Edge Chain Catcher - Braze-on

The violence of the spring classics' cobbles can make a chain do bad things mid-shift. It's for this very reason that pro team mechanics have long fashioned one-off metal widgets to keep chains from dropping between the inner chainring and the bottom bracket. Like 44t Record chainrings and...

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K-Edge PRO Braze-On Chain Catcher K-Edge PRO Braze-On Chain Catcher

While modern drivetrains have made respectable efforts to prevent dropped chains, it can -- and will -- still happen. And if it happens on a new carbon frame, you're going to have a bad time. For added insurance against a gouges and scratches, install the K-Edge PRO Braze-On Chain Catcher. Not...

Price: $29.99

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