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Rock N Roll Extreme Lube Rock N Roll Extreme Lube

The stickiest, thickest lube that Rock N Roll makes, Extreme Lube is intended to keep your chain silky in the gnarliest, nastiest conditions, from ruinous 'cross races to sloppy enduro stages and the pig-sty slop of a muddy DH race. The synthetic lube contains a suspended gel membrane that seeps...

Price: $22.00

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Rock N Roll Gold Lube Rock N Roll Gold Lube

Oil-based lubes have their place, but synthetic lubes are taking over, particularly among riders who like to do it all. Rock N Roll's Gold Lube, the most versatile offering in its lubey portfolio, uses a suspended gel membrane to serve up seriously smooth shifts in all conditions--just dump it on...

Price: $23.00

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