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SRAM 500 TT Shifters SRAM 500 TT Shifters

The SRAM 500 TT Shifters deliver all the performance of the original SRAM carbon TT shifter, but at a lower cost since they're not carbon. The 500's include a three position stop -- an internal adjustment 'coin' can be flipped and rotated for precise cable release tuning. The 500 levers weigh in...

Price: $120.00

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SRAM Force 22 Shifters SRAM Force 22 Shifters

When SRAM launched the new, 11-speed Red group, we were excited. There was some good technology on offer and some much-needed improvements over the previous iteration (Andy Schleck knows). However, we were just as excited to see that tech move down the line to Force, which shares a tax bracket...

Price: $385.00
Sale Price: $272.99

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SRAM GX Trigger Shifter SRAM GX Trigger Shifter

GX 2x11 Trigger Shifters bring many of SRAM's high-end 11-speed technologies into the realm of the affordable and work with its huge 10-42 cassette. This includes the new X-Actuation that keeps shifting precise and dependable across the cassette. Like the Exact-Actuation ratio for its 10-speed...

Price: $40.95

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SRAM R2C 22-Speed Carbon TT Shifter Set SRAM R2C 22-Speed Carbon TT Shifter Set

The title of the SRAM R2C 22-Speed Carbon TT Shifter Set is pretty self-explanatory, except maybe the 'R2C' part. Of course, that's the part that really sets these shifters apart from the competition. R2C stands for 'Return to Center'--the 2 just makes it look cooler on paper. It means that after...

Price: $299.30

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SRAM Red 22 Shifters SRAM Red 22 Shifters

SRAM's Red 22 Shifters are nothing short of the real deal. Not only are they designed with the same attention to ergonomics as the Ergo shifters, but they also feature a true 22 speed usability, even while cross chaining. SRAM Red was designed with attention to any and every detail and this...

Price: $551.00
Sale Price: $330.60

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SRAM Rival 22 Shifter/Hydraulic Road Rim Brake SRAM Rival 22 Shifter/Hydraulic Road Rim Brake

With the exception of a few different materials here and there that add up to a fractionally heavier system compared to the higher-end Force and Red sets, the SRAM Rival 22 Hydraulic Road Rim Brakes still represent the pinnacle of braking on the road or 'cross course. Both shift and brake levers...

Price: $334.00
Sale Price: $283.99

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SRAM X01 Trigger Shifter SRAM X01 Trigger Shifter

If you're making the jump to a 1x11 drivetrain, you'll need a way to shift that fancy derailleur across that big ol' cassette, and the SRAM X01 Trigger Shifter is just the piece for the job. It's reach-adjustable, which is a huge benefit to those with both smaller and larger hands, and it's also...

Price: $139.00
Sale Price: $89.99

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SRAM XX1 Trigger Shifter SRAM XX1 Trigger Shifter

SRAM's XX1 group undoubtedly changed the face of mountain biking, perhaps forever. The narrow-wide chainring, combined with an astonishing redesign of the rear derailleur's parallelogram, meant that single-ring drivetrains were no longer the chain-drop-prone hack jobs they once were. The XX1...

Price: $183.00
Sale Price: $149.95

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