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Louis Garneau Mondo Evo Bib Shorts - Men's Louis Garneau Mondo Evo Bib Shorts - Men's

At their initial release, Louis Garneau's Mondo Evo Bib Shorts made quite an impact, both here in the office and with you, the consumers. For 2015, Louis Garneau is offering Competitive Cyclist and Backcountry. com the rights to exclusively sell the Mondo Evo Special Edition Bib Shorts. The Mondo...

Price: $179.95
Sale Price: $89.97

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POC Air Long Sock - Men's POC Air Long Sock - Men's

Wrap your ankles in clean, minimalist POC style with the POC Air Long Socks. Made from soft and breathable Merino wool, these socks will keep your toes comfortable across a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. POC integrated a touch of support at the instep to prevent bunching and...

Price: $14.95

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POC Air Short Sock - Men's POC Air Short Sock - Men's

Add a pop of clean, classic style to any ride with the POC Air Short Socks. With a lower, more traditional cuff height, these socks provide just enough ankle coverage while avoiding those mid-calf, tall-sock tan lines. POC fashions the Air Shorts from breathable, soft merino wool to keep your...

Price: $11.95

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POC Am Sunglasses - Polarized - Men's POC Am Sunglasses - Polarized - Men's

Slip on the POC Polarized Am Sunglasses to see the world without any annoying glares or nasty reflections. Their polarized NXT lenses provide superior optical performance, eliminate glare, and are protected from scratching, reflections, oil, and water thanks to their coatings. The acetate frame...

Price: $259.95

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POC Aspire Sunglasses - Men's POC Aspire Sunglasses - Men's

In a sea of aggressively styled, increasingly space-aged, cookie cutter shades, the POC Aspire Sunglasses' modern styling stands out and boldly dares to be different. Their partially framed nylon Carl Zeiss lens ensures consistent visibility and a wide field of wind-protected view. A ripel...

Price: $240.00

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POC Cerebel Helmet - Men's POC Cerebel Helmet - Men's

We'll be the first to admit that, over the course of long time trials or triathlon rides, we don't maintain an ideal TT position. This isn't just the rider's fault though, as our yaw angle also changes based on wind conditions, turns in the course, changes in gradients -- in short, the dynamic...

Price: $349.95

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POC Chamois Underwear - Men's POC Chamois Underwear - Men's

Regardless if you're spinning up steep roads or tearing up local trails, the POC Chamois Underwear effortlessly layers under casual and unpadded cycling shorts for moisture-wicking, pressure-relieving support. Its unisex design means it's great for both male and female cyclists, while its...

Price: $49.95

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POC Color Pullover Hoodie - Men's POC Color Pullover Hoodie - Men's

After you take an easy extra lap to cool down after crossing the finish line, it doesn't take long for a post-race chill to set in, especially on rainy days or after an evening criterium. Throwing on a classic cotton sweatshirt like POC's Color Pullover Hoodie will seriously up the comfort factor...

Price: $79.95

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POC Contour Aerofoil Bib Short - Men's POC Contour Aerofoil Bib Short - Men's

For a 12-mile, recreational weekend noodle, virtually any pair of shorts with a lump of padding will suffice to keep you comfortably spinning. But when suiting up for a 100-mile race with average speeds closer to 30mph than 20, then every marginal gain counts. With the Contour Aerofoil Bib Shorts...

Price: $329.95
Sale Price: $276.49

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POC Contour Bib Short - Men's POC Contour Bib Short - Men's

Crafted with an ergonomic four-panel design, the POC Contour Bib Shorts deliver full freedom of motion on your bicycle. The fabric itself consists of a durable warp knitted stretch with a compact structure for muscle stabilization and recovery benefits. Moreover, its highly breathable mesh bibs...

Price: $244.95
Sale Price: $185.41

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