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Assos Active Wear Cleanser Assos Active Wear Cleanser

Assos understands that a special garment deserves special care, and its Active Wear Cleanser is designed to do just that. Assos' antibacterial treatment not only cleans the clothing, it maintains the elasticity and softness of the fabric and keeps the colors vibrant. It's also PH-neutral and...

Price: $23.00

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Assos Lounge Pantofel Slipper - Men's Assos Lounge Pantofel Slipper - Men's

Assos wants to keep your feet prime for the next ride, which is why the Lounge Pantofel Slipper is soft, comfy, and reminds you to think positively.

Price: $15.00

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Assos Skin Repair Gel Assos Skin Repair Gel

You found the best fitting saddle, you wear top-dollar shorts, and you're a liberal chamois cream user. Yet even with the best preparation, skin irritation is sometimes just a few hours away -- the grit laden spray from wet roads and salty sweat residue are two things that come to mind that can...

Price: $28.00

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CycleOps Trainer Tire CycleOps Trainer Tire

The CycleOps Trainer Tire is for use on your home trainer only. The Trainer Tire is ultra durable and extremely quiet, so you can train at all kinds of hours and not bother anyone. The CycleOps Trainer Tire comes in 700c x 23mm only.

Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $31.49

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