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Giro 100 Proof Gloves - Men's Giro 100 Proof Gloves - Men's

Sure, there are days that are too cold to ride, but with the proper attire, you can ignore that conventional wisdom. That's why Giro built the 100 Proof Gloves -- so you could laugh at Old Man Winter's worst temper tantrums, and come home with your fingers intact. Fear not the harshest winter...

Price: $84.95

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Giro 3-1 Wind Jacket - Men's - Men's Giro 3-1 Wind Jacket - Men's - Men's

When it comes to wind and water-resistance, cyclists' choices tend to be limited to graphically overwrought bike-specific jackets or casual, everyday jackets that are ill-equipped for riding. Giro's 3-1 Wind Jacket combines the function of the former with the simple aesthetics of the latter to...

Price: $119.95

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Giro Advantage 2 Helmet - Men's Giro Advantage 2 Helmet - Men's

For over a decade, the Giro Advantage 2 has proven to be the pinnacle of aerodynamic performance, with a rich history of wins at the pro level. Giro relies on wind tunnel data to improve even the smallest of details to shave seconds off your times. Though the smooth, teardrop design of the helmet...

Price: $164.95

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Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet - Men's Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet - Men's

Traditionally, aerodynamic cycling helmets have relied on sloping shapes, minimal venting, and a teardrop tail design to dictate the flow of air in order to overcome aerodynamic drag. However, with Giro's new Air Attack Shield, its engineers had to rethink the shape of this typical design. The...

Price: $239.95
Sale Price: $119.97

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Giro Ambient Gloves - Men's Giro Ambient Gloves - Men's

Protect your hands from cold, damp weather, while enhancing your grip and comfort with Giro's Ambient Gloves. They combine a water- and wind-resistant, breathable softshell upper, complete with an X-Static thermal fleece lining for warmth and water resistance. The Ambient Glove also features a...

Price: $44.95

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Giro Ambient Toe Covers - Men's Giro Ambient Toe Covers - Men's

You know those days when it's too warm for shoe covers, but you still want something to block the wind that's chilling your toes? Those are the days when you'll be glad to have the Giro Ambient Toe Covers. Built from insulating neoprene, and backed by X-Static antimicrobial fleece, they'll gladly...

Price: $24.95

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Giro Apeckx Shoes - Men's Giro Apeckx Shoes - Men's

Giro turned the mid-level shoe market on its head with the Apeckx Shoe. New for 2012, the Apeckx takes design cues from Giro's high-end shoes, but packs them smartly into a more affordable package. The biggest difference is the sole; the Apeckx utilizes DuPont's Zytel nylon in the place of Easton...

Price: $149.95

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Giro Base Layer Crew - Short Sleeve - Men's - Men's Giro Base Layer Crew - Short Sleeve - Men's - Men's

Similar to its sleeveless version, Giro's New Road Crew Base Layer was created to fit comfortably under your favorite mid or outer layer. The base layer was constructed using merino wool and polyester, as doing so made it lightweight, breathable, and able to move moisture exceptionally well. This...

Price: $69.95

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Giro Blaze Gloves - Men's Giro Blaze Gloves - Men's

Giro designed its Blaze Gloves with just enough insulation for riding, racing, and training in those cool, damp conditions. The gloves were made with a softshell, moisture-wicking material for the uppers, which keeps you warm and dry, while also smoothly conforming to the shape of your curved...

Price: $34.95

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Giro Bravo Gloves - Men's Giro Bravo Gloves - Men's

We understand people who want a simple pair of gloves on their hands, and the Giro Bravo Gloves are just that -- a simple glove with durable palm construction, breathable uppers, and Giro's signature three-panel design. The Bravo Gloves will keep your hands wrapped in comfort during training...

Price: $25.95

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