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Giro 100 Proof Gloves - Men's Giro 100 Proof Gloves - Men's

Sure, there are days that are too cold to ride, but with the proper attire, you can ignore that conventional wisdom. That's why Giro built the 100 Proof Gloves -- so you could laugh at Old Man Winter's worst temper tantrums, and come home with your fingers intact. Fear not the harshest winter...

Price: $84.95

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Giro Advantage 2 Helmet Giro Advantage 2 Helmet

For over a decade, the Giro Advantage 2 has proven to be the pinnacle of aerodynamic performance, with a rich history of wins at the pro level. Giro relies on wind tunnel data to improve even the smallest of details to shave seconds off your times. Though the smooth, teardrop design of the helmet...

Price: $164.95

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Giro Aeon Helmet Giro Aeon Helmet

In the never-ending quest for helmet lightness, one fact makes us rest easy: Even the most feathery helmets must pass the CPSC safety standard for impact resistance. If, for example, you've ever picked up a Giro Prolight or Aeon helmets, you know why this is a concern. It seems impossible that a...

Price: $249.95

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Giro Air Attack Helmet Giro Air Attack Helmet

The Garmin-Barracuda riders are using them, as well as many other of the peloton's racers. And while it might still be too early to say that we're used to seeing them, the trend among the number of pros who've made the switch is rising. We're talking about those 'odd-looking' round helmets that...

Price: $199.95

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Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

Traditionally, aerodynamic cycling helmets have relied on sloping shapes, minimal venting, and a teardrop tail design to dictate the flow of air in order to overcome aerodynamic drag. However, with Giro's new Air Attack Shield, its engineers had to rethink the shape of this typical design. The...

Price: $239.95

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Giro Amare Helmet - Women's Giro Amare Helmet - Women's

The Giro Amare Women's Helmet pushes ventilation to new levels without sacrificing safety. By using Giro's In-Mold Composite Reinforcement and Roll Cage technology, the designers could provide the Amare with numerous extra-large vents. In-Mold Composite Reinforcement fuses the shell and...

Price: $179.95

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Giro Ambient 2 Glove - Men's Giro Ambient 2 Glove - Men's

The long-fingered and super-warm Giro Ambient 2 Cycling Glove protects your hands from cold, damp weather, while enhancing your grip and comfort.

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $34.97

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Giro Ambient Gloves - Men's Giro Ambient Gloves - Men's

Protect your hands from cold, damp weather, while enhancing your grip and comfort with Giro's Ambient Gloves. They combine a water- and wind-resistant, breathable softshell upper, complete with an X-Static thermal fleece lining for warmth and water resistance. The Ambient Glove also features a...

Price: $44.95

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Giro Aspect Helmet Giro Aspect Helmet

The evolution of helmets has resulted in some interesting variations over the years, some of which are more far fetching then others. The Giro Aspect Helmet, however, takes an approach that tones down the aggressive vents, slats, and wings that dominate the peloton into a shape that's at home on...

Price: $174.95

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Giro Athlon Helmet Giro Athlon Helmet

The Giro Athlon was created in response to their efforts to better the hugely popular E2 Helmet. In Giro's world this is true -- make it better or don't waste the effort. Well, they didn't waste their time. The Athlon betters its predecessor by moving air more efficiently over the rider's head,...

Price: $134.95
Sale Price: $67.48

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