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Abus Buffo U-Lock 34 Abus Buffo U-Lock 34

When ultimate security is demanded, Abus' Buffo U-Lock 34's 12-mm thick, hardened steel shackle and lock body will help prevent targeting of your bicycle. The 9-inch long loop easily fits around racks, and a soft coating prevents marring of frame finishes. Abus provides a frame mounting bracket...

Price: $29.99

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Blackburn Folsom U-Lock Blackburn Folsom U-Lock

Throw your bike in a streetside maximum security prison with the Blackburn Folsom U-Lock. Dirtbag bike thieves will think twice about trying to cut or force open the doubly-resistant, 14-millimeter hexagonal shackle. Even those monkeys with lock-picking savvy will be left scratching their heads,...

Price: $34.95

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Blackburn Leavenworth Long U-Lock Blackburn Leavenworth Long U-Lock

The Blackburn Leavenworth Long U-Lock adds versatility to security by giving you a longer shackle so you can lock your bike to less convenient stationary objects, other bikes, all kinds of stuff.

Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $55.21

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Blackburn San Quentin U-Lock Blackburn San Quentin U-Lock

Place your bike in solitary with the Blackburn San Quentin Bike U-Lock. The 18mm cut-resistant alloy steel shackle with anti-scratch liner will spoil any theft-attempt without scratching up your beautiful ride. The bump-proof, pick-proof dual-bolt locking mechanism will stand up to Hollywood's...

Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $67.46

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Blackburn Sing Sing U-Lock Blackburn Sing Sing U-Lock

Rely on the Blackburn San Quentin U-Lock to protect your investment when you can't be around. The 14mm alloy steel shackle lock with anti-scratch liner tells thieves to back off, and it won't damage your paint job. The bump-proof, pick-proof dual-bolt lock mechanism confounds the most savvy...

Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $41.97

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