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CatEye Volt 100 XC and Rapid Micro Light Combo
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Riding after dark is a fun mission to embark on, but cars are scary enough in daylight to deter a lot of cyclists. CatEye takes a step towards safety, making it easier for us to embark on night time adventures, thanks to the Volt 100 XC and Rapid Micro Light Combo, designed to make the ride a little bit safer with enhanced vision, and visibility. The Volt 100 XC and Rapid Micro Light Combo sets you up with a powerful headlight that's equipped with 100 lumens of bright, white LED to keep the road in sight, and help you avoid potholes and debris on the way. In back, helping you stay visible to motorists is the compact Rapid Micro light, which pulses quickly with three LEDs, and features truly minimalist design that can be tossed in a pocket of your jeans, or messenger bag. The rear Rapid Micro has four different modes, pulse, flash, rapid flash, and constant, so you can pick what is most ideal whether you're riding in pitch black, or daylight, and in front you have the option of flash or constant as well, so you can spot your way with a piercing beacon of light in the dark, or alert motorists of your presence during daylight hours. Both lights are USB rechargeable for easy battery life, and feature different lighting modes to fit your needs. The Volt 100 CX lasts from one to five hours on one charge, and features a low battery indicator to let you know when your juices are starting to drain. In back the battery life may seem nearly endless, with three to thirty hours of life off of just one charge, depending on which mode you decide to go for. Both batteries charge back up to full capacity in 2 hours or less, so you can get ready to ride without sacrificing half of the day to battery charging.