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Niner AIR 9 RDO 2-Star GX Eagle Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
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While the massive progression of full suspension bikes is remarkable, we think it's always important to keep a place in our hearts --and garages, for a quick and nimble XC-machine. Whether you're getting ready for race day, or setting out to spin over miles of rolling singletrack, the 2018 Niner Air 9 RDO 2-Star GX Eagle Complete Mountain Bike is quick and ready to tackle the trail, and with its updated geometry, boost spacing, and lower bars, it's more capable than ever for picking its way through precarious rock gardens, and powering up long climbs with agility and precision. When the Air 9 saw a makeover in 2017, the most major change we saw was to the handlebar height, dropping it lower, and pushing it into a bit more aggressive positioning, like that of the RKT 9 RDO. When combine with a longer cockpit, and a headtube that moved from steep to moderate, you'll find that the Air 9 RDO handles with agility on quick and unpredictable singletrack, and lunges forward to attack the trail as soon as you tell it to. The chainstays also saw a bit of a squish in, shortening by 4mm to 435mm, allowing quick acceleration that pairs with a snappy rear end that feels controlled and nimble underneath you. The new Air 9 RDO aims at landing between its two predecessors for stiffness, the first, which some may describe as feeling noodly, was often received as being too soft and flexible, while the second was stiff and rough. The happy medium achieved on the new Air 9 RDO comes from a combination of focusing the strength of the frame into the right places, and shedding material where possible, like swapping to a smaller 27. 2mm seatpost diameter, to give you a little flex. In back you'll also find an upgrade that passed through many bikes in 2017--boost spacing. This widened hub that was stretched from 12 x 142 all the way out to 12 x 148 allowed for shortening the stays, stiffening the back end, and even allowing Niner to explore uncharted territory of 27. 5 wheels. Niner also...