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Pivot Firebird Carbon Pro X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
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If a hard tail 29er is a gravity rider's nightmare, we're willing to say that the Pivot Firebird is their paradise. With light weight, easy handling, and slacked out geometry, the 2018 Pivot Firebird Carbon Pro XO1 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike has the travel and precise handling you'll need to up your confidence to charge down steep and ledgy descents, bust out bike park laps, and pull double-duty by pedaling it back up again. While we won't try to convince you that this war-bird climbs like an XC speed demon, we will say that we're impressed with the way the 170-millimeters of DW-link suspension can maneuver its way up mountain sides, and would even go so far as to say that it climbs better than a bike with so much travel should be able to. But going uphill isn't what the Firebird was designed to do, and while its pedaling platform is important, cut it loose pointing downhill and it will show you just how at home it is chomping up roots, gobbling up boulders, and launching its self over road gaps. The 2018 Firebird takes queues from the Phoenix DH Carbon's geometry, with long reach to accommodate a stubby stem, and super short chainstays for snappy power transfer and flickable maneuverability. The Firebird features a remarkably steep seat tube angle at 74-degrees which contrasts sharply to the 65-degree head tube angle, allowing you to stay much more forward on the bike when you're pedaling, helping eliminate front-wheel liftoff on steep switchbacks to keep your tread planted and secure. The 65-degree head tube angle stretches the bike's wheelbase out, and shines through when you point it downhill, delivering stability and handling in the chunkiest of conditions. Always worth drawing attention to, the Firebird's DW-link suspension design continues to shine through as the star of the bike. Sliding through nearly seven-inches of supple travel, you might find yourself baffled by its linear ramping and support that pedals light and lively, in a way like no other 1...