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Niner JET 9 RDO 27.5+ 3-Star GX Eagle Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
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We've been convinced by Niner's ability to dominate the market of 29er bikes for some time, and we'll admit we were a bit shocked by the sudden drift their designers took to adopt the 27. 5 wheel, but after one ride, we're convinced. The Niner Jet 9 RDO 27. 5 3-Star GX Eagle complete mountain bike has managed to capture the trail-ready geometry of a Niner all-mountain bike, with the added plush squish of a plus sized tire. This extra plush-take on the Jet 9 lands you with a bike that soaks up extra blows, and grips corners like it's going out of style, while still riding with the squat-free pedal stroke of CVA suspension. When things started out for Niner Bikes, it was apparent from the name alone that their founders had a strong belief that 29-inch wheels were the superior mode of transportation on a mountain bike, and their designers more or less defined the category of proper 29er geometry. This particular 3-Star GX Eagle build holds true to those roots, but allows for the flexibility to swap to a whole new tire size all together, the 27. 5. This model comes to you with 27. 5 wheels, ready to soak up the rocks and sink tread into loose banked turns for secure cornering and a plush ride. Since Boost spacing allowed engineers to widen the hub spacing to a lofty 148mm, the rear end can now charge down the mountain with up to a 27. 5 x 3-inch tire with enough clearance for mud. It's easy to swap the bike back to a 29er, if you feel so inclined, by simply removing an air spring from the fork to drop it 10mm, or removing the 15mm bottom-headset cup. The latest update to the Niner Jet 9 RDO frame moved the speedy XC race geometry, and gave it a bit of a makeover to make it a better all-around trail bike for sending it on the whole mountain. An additional 20mm of travel was added to the Continuously Varying Arc (CVA) rear suspension, which brings the total to 120mm, and added the ability to swap back and forth between 29er and 27. 5 wheels. The headtube moved a...