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Juliana Joplin 2.0 Carbon CC 29 X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
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The Juliana Joplin Carbon CC 29 X01 Eagle complete mountain bike is remarkable for its ability to blend race-worthy XC efficiency with the poise and handling to take on big rides on technical trails. When it comes time to enjoy every pedal stroke while covering serious mileage in varied terrain, the Joplin is one of the very best tools available for the task. Part of the story of the Joplin's success is due to its ability to blur the lines between cross-country rocket and surefooted trail bike. To that end, the Joplin accommodates both 27. 5 wheels and 29in wheels, a split personality enabled by the reversible "flip chip" at the upper link. Setting the flip chip to the "low" mode relaxes the head angle by roughly half a degree and lowers the bottom bracket, which makes for an ideal setup when paired with the slightly larger diameter of 29in wheels. The slightly smaller 27. 5 wheels pair with the "high" setting, allowing for similar clearance between the bottom bracket and the ground. The upshot is headache-free swaps between wheel sizes, which gives you more options than ever when you hit the trail. The Joplin offers just over 4in of travel through the latest version of Juliana's VPP technology. As with all VPP bikes, the Joplin's counter-rotating links are carefully arranged to resist activation by pedaling forces, all but eliminating unwanted bobbing under power. This being the latest iteration of VPP, it's tuned to provide more midstroke support than previous generations of the VPP platform, giving the rider a better feel for the terrain, and a livelier ride feel. While the excellent suspension plays a large role in what the Joplin's cooking, a key part of the bike's secret sauce is its carefully tuned geometry. At 68 degrees, the head angle is sufficiently nimble for changing direction at the drop of a hat while remaining stable and composed at high speed. The 17-inch chainstays follow suit by further enhancing the bike's ability to dice terrain while...