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Shimano XTR CS-M9001 11-speed Cassette
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Performing perfectly with Shimano 11-speed drivetrains, the XTR CS-M9001 11-speed Cassette features a wide gear range for efficiency across trails with a mix of steep climbs, undulating hills, and blistering descents. Not only does its 11- to 40-tooth range work brilliantly with modern set-ups, but it also shifts smoothly across the entire range with its computer-designed teeth configuration, what Shimano refers to as "Hyperglide" sprockets. Four carbon fiber carriers support 11 cogs between 11 to 40 teeth, maximizing stiffness for swifter shifts across its range. The 35, 31, 27, 24, 21, and 19-tooth cogs benefit from titanium for significant weight reduction and greater wear life. The nickel-plated finish lends it additional wear life by preventing corrosion after riding across wet to downright nasty conditions on the trail. Furthermore, each sprocket is extensively machined to reduce weight even further, making it truly worthy of its XTR heritage. The tooth profiles are updated to accommodate the chain angles of one-by, double, and triple drivetrains. Regardless of how many chainrings you're running, please note that Shimano recommends using its 11-speed SIL-TEC chain for optimal shifting performance.