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Fi'zi:k Link R3 Chameleon Bib Shorts - Men's
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When Fizik first started making saddles, it took a radically different approach than other mainstream competitors. Developing the Bull, Chameleon, and Snake profiles allowed riders to pedal atop saddles that were designed to work best with their bodies already, rather than requiring them to make the best out of a saddle that was never the right fit. We can't say we're surprised that the brand took its expertise in spinal flexibility and hip rotation to the world of kit, but we're awfully excited about it, and we aren't the only ones. With its Link R3 line of bib shorts, Fizik has created semi-custom chamois options that aren't out of the realm of affordability for self-sponsored cyclists. Look to the Link R3 Chameleon if you're already using an Antares saddle, or know that you have medium body flexibility and low pelvic rotation as you turn the pedals. As the more affordable sibling of the top-of-the-line R1, the R3 certainly doesn't behave like the more budget-friendly option that it is. Made with a stretchy, supportive Lycra blend, the Link R3 offers a fit and feel that isn't necessarily a step down at all from the woven blend of the R1. If you enjoy the mobility of Lycra and its stabilizing fit, you may very well prefer the R3's construction to its pro-level counterpart's. According to Fizik, Chameleon riders typically distribute weight evenly across the body of a saddle, and they benefit from a subtle five-degree rise at the saddle's rear. The corresponding Chameleon saddle has been shaped to integrate expertly with this design, and Fizik includes the exact same 8mm foam core in the R3-series chamois as in its top-end R1. For the Chameleon, Fizik also carves channels across the body of the insert to alleviate some of the pressure from weight placed across the main body of the saddle. A soft, breathable cover sits between the chamois' internals and you, ensuring the insert moves with you as you stand to finish a climb or tuck into the drops. The R3's...