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Pivot Mach 429 Trail XT/XTR Pro 2x Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
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Proper all-mountain riding has long been off limits to wagon wheel machines, but bikes like the latest Pivot Mach 429 Trail XT/XTR Pro 2x Complete Mountain Bike refuse to be excluded. The Mach 429 Trail is competent on terrain that was previously reserved for 27. 5in enduro sleds, but it also excels on fast hardpack, making it one of the most versatile machines in the mid-travel range. We aren't all able to assemble a quiver of bikes, but the Mach 429 SL's versatility and the blend of Shimano XTR and XT in the double drivetrain make it the right choice for almost anything this side of gravity runs. The key tech lies in the hub width and the linkage. The rear hub plumps out to 148mm, and the linkage incorporates elements of the big-hit Phoenix, Pivot's DH bike, in a design tailored for mid-travel that opens the rear triangle so Pivot could slam the wheel up into the seat tube. That keeps the chainstays relatively stubby so the bike strikes a playful note that we don't typically associate with wagon wheels. Despite the dice-happy back end, the Mach 429 Trail leads into terrain with a moderately slack head tube that ticks a few degrees lower than its XC-minded predecessor, the 429SL, bringing it more in line with the versatile 29in Switchblade. The front end showcases the linkage's gravity pedigree by attacking rock gardens and root lattices with stable, point-and-click tracking that doesn't wander on climbs or sacrifice handling in low-speed manuevers. The 429 Trail's DW-Link suspension takes a handful of queues from Pivot's Mach 6 and Phoenix frames, teasing a depth out of the 116mm of travel that feels closer to a proper five-inch trail bike. The canny cyclist may spot elements of Pivot's DH clevis and enduro lower linkage in this model, but the completely new upper linkage translates those big-hit designs to the traction-focused language of a trail bike. By bringing the 429SL's small-bump compliance and race-worthy trail-contact into conversation with the Mach...