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Pivot Firebird XT/XTR Pro 2x Complete Mountain Bike - 2017
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We'd typically expect bikes named after birds with something light, nimble, and with a touch that bespeaks the hollow bones of its namesake. But Pivot's 2017 Firebird XT/XTR Pro 2x Complete Mountain Bike proves that assumption wrong. Our own reviewer writes that the bike climbs "miraculously well," but its 6. 7in of DW-Link suspension and agro angles do burn brightest when the trail is steep and the lines are crunchy. Its aggression whether climbing out or dropping in means the Firebird straddles the often at-odds worlds of gravity and trail riding. Does this make it--as Pivot grandly claims--"the no-compromise Holy Grail of long-travel enduro mountain bikes" We think it certainly puts it in the running. If we were to limit ourselves to one word to describe the Firebird, we'd axe Pivot's "Holy Grail" and replace it with "long." Or maybe "long-n-short," which technically qualifies as one modifier (Thanks phrasal adjectives!) and encompasses the Firebird's long, Phoenix-inspired reach and stubby, sub-17in chainstays. That combination keeps the front end honest on climbs and well-mannered while cornering, while the short stays still let you dice through whatever the trail throws your way. Ok, we'd also add "slack," because the 65-degree head tube also means that the Firebird is up for the kinds of full-on gravity runs that even bikes like the eminently capable Switchblade would balk at--but again, the long reach keeps rider weight forward and the steering honest, regardless of which direction you're heading. Despite its relatively short stays, Pivot is still able to equip the Firebird with mid-range tires because of the advent of Boost spacing. Widening the rear axle buys some precious real estate around the bottom bracket, so Pivot is able to slam the rear wheel up into the seat tube without putting rubber on carbon. This tire size (2. 5in up front and 2. 45 in the rear) may be our favorite for all-mountain riding. When combined with the DT Swiss M1700 wheels' 30m...