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Pinarello Dogma F10 Road Frameset - 2017
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You're a venerable Italian frame builder. Over the past two years, your current flagship race machine has been ridden to the top of the world's most prestigious podium. Twice. The bike it replaced was earlier ridden to the same podium step. Also twice. What's your response Well, if you're Pinarello, it's to go back to the drawing board and further push the limit on a bike that, under the riders at Team Sky, has already defined the limit of what a racing bike can do. Welcome to the reign of cycling's new king, the 2017 Dogma F10 Road Frameset. It's got a similar geometry and material composition to the outgoing F8, but the Dogma F10 features a few subtle tweaks that result in some claims that, given the impressive gains the F8 made over the Dogma 65. 1, are almost comically impressive: 7% more stiffness and 6. 3% less weight. We can only assume that, in the next few years, those numbers will add up to another trip (or two) to the top step of that podium. Since this is the new flagship model of one of the industry's most storied bike brands and one of the sport's most dominant teams, the Dogma F10 warrants healthy consideration. We'll cover the details at length below, but any bike is ultimately defined by its ride, so it makes sense to start there. Featherweight frames are often, well, feathery, but the F10 meets pedal strokes with buoyant solidity. When spinning up out of corners, punching it on Ardennes-esque walls, or turning the screws ever tighter on climbs, the F10's bottom bracket exhibits the stability--but definitely not the ponderous gravity--of a cinderblock, transforming frantic, stop-and-start pedal inputs into weightless, floating propulsion. Even while accelerating to sprint speeds or red-lining a double-digit gradient, the frame's efficiency eliminates dead spots between pedal strokes. At times, the F10's tapered head tube and oversized tubing make it feel like a sentient animal that's driving itself forward, but this eager urgency means it also ...